I clearly heard the sharp light knocks on the wooden door to our flat. “Who could it be at this time of the night, we were not expecting my uncle who usually comes very late and only returns on Friday night due to his bank work” as I pondered Granny who seemed unworried about someone knocking our door as late as 8:13pm said “won’t you go and check who is knocking?” I lifted myself away from the two-sitter couch on which I had laid and sluggishly approached the door, unlocked it and found Dennis standing. Dennis was my friend in the neighborhood, he lives two houses away from mine.

I was shocked to find him there, he has never visited me at home, neither have I visited him at his house, we only meet along the roads and at the community school where we play football every weekend.

He stood there with a smile on his face and I took a good look at him from his head – his eyes – his nose – his lips – his neck – his shoulder – his chest – his arms – his hands (I stopped) I gasped as I saw a black box in his arms, he was stretching it towards me to receive but I was already lost in thoughts “See this boy o, are you mad, are you crazy, what are you doing here, why did you bring my Gameboy (referring to the black box in his hands)” I asked in my head.

“What’s going on there, won’t you allow the person to come in?” I heard my granny’s voice from where she was sited. Chai, at this junction, I knew there was no more escape for me, it’s either I let him in and he personally tells my granny that he came to give me my Gameboy which I would latter have confess that I stole her money to buy from a friend at school or just collect it from him there and carry out the rest myself but before I could conclude within myself he had moved pushed me away from the way and walked in to my granny. My God My Father, I don die today…..

“Good evening ma” Dennis greeted her

“Good Evening my dear, how are you and your parents?” she greeted and asked

“Fine thank you ma, my mother asked me to give you this jewelry” he said stretching the black box towards my granny who collected it, smiled and opened the box to reveal a shining gold chain. See checked it.

“Alright thank you my boy, tell her I will call her tomorrow” she told and he walked back to the door where I stood looking bewildered by the turn out of events.

“And why are you standing there like a fig tree in a storm” I heard my granny and she was referring to me. Dennis passed by me smiling mockingly. Am very sure he had the same thought as to why I behaved the way I did. He was the one I had entrusted the Gameboy to for the week and the Gameboy had a black body color and the jewelry box had a very similar shape to it.

He confirmed it the next day when we met.

I felt pissed but relieved that my secret is still a secret.



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