She parked and asked her how she got there but Abigail was too weak to talk, her face explained that she had cried so hard that there was no water left in her to gush out as tears. Simi helped her into the car and drove her to her residence. She gave her water and food, she showed her to the bathroom where she took a cold bath and then she allowed her to sleep in the visitor’s bedroom. She called her husband and briefed him about her actions. So he won’t be surprised to find a stranger in his house.

When he returned, they both asked her how she ended up in the streets and then she began to narrate how her mother died at child birth and her father died while looking for money to pay the heavy debts he had gathered on himself. If not for the swift actions of her mother’s sister, she would have being taken away by one of her father’s creditors as a slave but little did she know her aunt had same plans for her. She gave her to different masters. She even used her to swindle them of their money by collecting her pay for up to two years and then returns after about two or three months to announce that she was needed in the village for a very important family activity only for her to be taken to another.

The last she took Abigail to, she never returned. No one could account for her whereabouts. It was like she disappeared into thin air.

David had no objection to Simi’s decisions to keep her as a maid. They discussed with Abigail and she gladly accepted the offer to be working for them. One thing Simi didn’t do was to treat her like she had being treated by her past masters. Simi took care of her like a family instead. She always did things with the family including eating with them, going on the same outings and Simi made sure she was enrolled into the secondary school. People who didn’t know would easily conclude that they were blood related. The care Simi gave Abigail made her look fresh, she grew very beautiful, her beauty was was closed to that of Simi but the advantage she had over Simi was that she had the more features that make women more attractive to men than Simi had. While Simi was a fair slender lady with medium sized features, Abigail was a chocolate skinned plum young lady. Her front and back could be described as a “killer squad”. Lot of boys in her got into the race to make sure they got her to date then but she always turned them down despite collecting the gifts they brought to spoil and entice her, she always kept her answer plain “NO”

Soon, David began noticing and began lusting for her, he professed love to her. Although Abigail turned him down at his first few attempts but his captivating smile, handsome and well-built body was what she soon began falling for. David worked as an account manager in an insurance firm. He was on his annual leave which the company granted to his workers turn by turn. His features were what the boys in Abigail’s class lacked and that was all. First it started with smooching, long hot kisses and then sex. The sin was committed every day when Abigail returned from school. They were caught when David decided to take things to the next level by sneaking into Abigail’s room in the dead of the night to continue with their sexcapades. As they were at it, the lights suddenly went on. It was Simi who switched on the lights, she has silently walked into the dark room, she didn’t need to open the wooden door as Abigail had intentionally left it ajar because of the noise it made when it was being opened, this way, David would come in noiselessly.

Shock waves ran through their veins as the lights went on and the saw Simi standing by the switch. They were lost in pleasure and didn’t realize they were not the only occupants of the room. Only Abigail could speak, “ye moku, mo gbe, mo daran” (I’m dead, I’m doomed, I’m in trouble) she spoke out as she scrambled up on her feet with fear swiftly replacing the pleasure she was deriving from the act. David lay there speechlessly; he looked at Simi whose face was filled with a mixture of rage and disappointment. Till she exited the room, without saying a word. Abigail was already weeping by the time David returned to the master bedroom.





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