“Madam, good morning” Abigail; the maid greeted Simi as she entered into the kitchen. Simi just hissed and continued with setting the electric kettle. She wanted hot water that she would use to bathe her son.
Abigail just looked at her madam as she left, guilt filled her heart, and her madam had always being very nice to her right from the first day she stepped into the house. She was treated more like a member of the family than a maid. She has never for once regretted being employed by the Fabiyi’s.
“You are free to do as you wish so far you are obedient and hardworking and I promise you the best in life.” Simi’s voice replayed in Abigail’s head has she recalled her words when she arrived. Simi was never late to praise her and this was one thing that made her stand out from the list of bosses Abigail had worked with before. Many of them only know how to punish for every little wrong you commit but would never say it when you are right.
Clothes, bags, shoes, food were not in lack has Simi bought all every time she went shopping for her son.
“Chai, I don do this woman bad thing o” she said with bitterness in her heart. She was first reluctant when Oga (David) approached her that she was beautiful and he would love it if they could be having a secret affair. “If only I knew I would have stood my ground and not fall for oga’s sweet words” she said out mindedly not knowing that Simi had stepped in to the kitchen.
“So you look attractive to him” Simi said eyeing Abigail who threw her face aside in shame.
Simi checked the electric kettle which by then had finished boiling the water, she carried it and was about heading for the bathroom when Abigail offered to help her carry it but she started singing a popular song “who you help, who you help, you don baff, who you serve?” She laughed merrily. The wordings of the song hit Abigail like hail. The one which broke her concentration the most was when Simi decided to change a line in the song to “you don f*ck, who you f*ck” her laugh continued as she sang out loud. David could hear her voice from the bedroom where he was. He was still finding it hard to concentrate. He hoped his plan would work out has he has been planning.
“Once she enters the bedroom again, I will go on my knees and plead with all I have” he concluded. Although he had tried to start up a conversation but anytime he opened his mouth to speak, he found it hard to say anytime. The highest and best he had said was speaking gibberish just as Simi entered the bedroom the previous night to sleep. She was lenient enough to wait, giving him a chance to recompose himself but when she could only hear garbage words, she hissed and went to bed singing a song by Davido and Olamide “Ko ye ma soro were l’enu mo, Ko ye ma soro oshi ko panumo, Ko ye ma soro were l’enu mo, Ko ye ma soro oshi ko panumo” (stop speaking rubbish, shut up, stop speaking like a mad man) she sang mockingly as she retired to her bed.
Simi was bitter in her heart but didn’t show it. She felt cheated, used and unappreciated. She has done everything possible to keep the union between her David as one right from their university days till he asked her out and eventually proposed to her 2 years after they graduated, she believed that there was no ‘Mr perfect’ nor ‘Mr Right’. She knew the amount of secret things she had done just so that David would not be recognized as a low life one of which was sleeping with Mr. Akinyemi before he could offer him the job of a accountant in his firm. This she did just to make her husband happy but darn the stupid idiot, he still had the time to look at Abigail and deemed her worthy of someone to cheat her with. “Prostitute” she cursed Abigail in her heart as the thoughts ran through her head. She recalled how she had come across Abigail on the street. A very young girl, crying by the road side some few streets to her residence.








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