David couldn’t sleep throughout the night, he was restless. He looked at Simi, his wife who was fast asleep.
She was the reason why he couldn’t sleep. He had offended her. She caught him two nights ago sleeping with the maid. His conscience bit him. He hoped Simi would be able to forgive him. He looked at the clock on the bedroom wall. It was 14 minutes to 5. “She would soon be awake” he said to himself. “Once she wakes up, I will get on my knees and begin to beg her” he planned in his thoughts.

The sound of music from Simi’s phone disturbed the silence in the bedroom. David noticed that Simi had changed the alarm tune she was using from Tiwa Savage’s my darling to Simi’s Thief. The song struck his ears has he heard the chorus. “You be thief, I no say you be thief o, and you say you don steal my heart go. . . . .”
He felt like an idiot.
Simi rolled as she woke back to life, she saw David looking at her with sorry eyes but she didn’t care. She just muttered good morning and headed towards the bathroom. She didn’t even answer David when he asked how well she slept.
“What’s his own” she said to herself. “It’s not his fault, it’s because I am still sleeping on his bed, in his house. Today is today, I will leave this house for him and his maid” She said in her thought as she looked at the mirror before starting to brush her teeth.

David’s head was boiling with anger, it was as if he was going mad. He pondered and pondered on what he could do to make Simi know he is sorry. He thought about all the great things Simi had done for him right from the time they were in school.

They had met in the bus on the first day of resumption. Simi was the first to start up a conversation. While they were about to alight at the bus stop they had mistakenly carried each other’s bag until Simi wanted to bring out her notepad to take down David number she noticed that the bag she was carrying contained male clothing’s and stuffs. From then on, they became friends and as they progressed through the university, their friendship waxed stronger and stronger. Till they both agreed that they were in love.
David remembered how Simi help him with homeworks of courses that combine their separate departments, how she help with payment of his school and how she even helped to trap a lecturer who wanted to play a fast one on him. All this memories ran through his head about this beautiful young woman who has done everything to make him a fulfilled man.
“Madam, good morning” Abigail; the maid greeted Simi as she entered into the kitchen. Simi just hissed and continued with setting the electric kettle. She wanted hot water that she would use to bathe her son.



I am still working on the continuation, please anticipate….


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