Pastor: What bible character built the ark?
Akpos: Noah!

Pastor: Correct! According to the bible how many humans survived the great flood?
Akpos: 9 people

Pastor: U did well! But look attentively at the image below the paragraph. How many humans are there?
Akpos: 8 people

Pastor: Correct! So how many people survived the flood then?
Akpos: 9 people

Pastor: OK! let’s recount please! Noah and his wife, his three sons and their wives. In total that makes how many people?
Akpos: 8 people

Pastor: So that gives us how many people that survived the flood? 
Akpos: 9 people

Pastor: please why do you keep saying 9 people when on the image it’s clear that they were 8 people?
Akpos: Bros abeg no vex ooo…! The photographer wey snap them photo na animal?
Lol….. I shared this joke to make you happy, you should do same. 


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