I watched as her lips danced on…

The short, curly strands of hair at the sides of her face looked beautiful as thin streams of sweat cascaded down her face.

“These are incisions” she said, softly and I smiled

“As if I knew” I said in my heart

I held her back and patted her.

“It’s going to be alright my dear sister. It takes the revelation of the problem to proffer solutions to it. Since God has shown us what it is, then we already know the battle we are fighting” I explained.

I had been a victim of incisions and I knew just how to face it.

It’s nothing but through God’s divine power.

Before I gave my life to Jesus, I had a disease called epilepsy and this had really caused me many valuables plus disgrace in the public place.

I remembered when I was still at the college when a guy who had been a very close friend proposed to me jokingly and while we smiled over it, he had pushed me with the tip of a finger and the disgrace came again!

I started gasping

I fell to the ground with a thud!

I started foaming

Because of this experience, Amos, my very good friend deserted me.

I lost my family, I lost Amos my bosom friend, I was really being stigmatized and I was almost giving up.

Then, one day, my mother called me suddenly, asked me to get into her ‘cabu-cabu’ car and off she drove me to one mud house in her village.

I thought it was a joke until I was given something greenish to drink and before I knew it, I was asleep.

By the time I woke up, it was so brutal, what had happened to me.

My long, dark hair was gone- my head was scraped clean!

My hands peppered from the cuts of incisions- 21 on my right hand, 21 on the left hand, 14 on my forehead, and 14 behind my neck.

I couldn’t weep that day as I felt the frustration that my mum felt that could have made her do such to me.

She apologized as she wept that she just had to save me from the disease that ravaged me then.

And it worked!

…or it looked like it worked!

Until five months later when the problem returned with full force.

If the ailment lasted for 22 hours before the ‘traditional operation’ was carried on me, it increased to about 50 hours.

That was when I realized that it is only when God gives gift to a man that he adds no sorrow to it.

The devil gives you a single thing then he takes about an hundred things from you in return!

I met Jesus when I attended a crusade and I gave my life to Jesus.

“Mrs. Olowo, I can relate to what you are going through as well. Check my body well and you would see quite a number of incisions in there.” I started

Her eyes widened

“Really! Even doctors believe in traditional powers?” she asked so surprised

I smiled

“Well, I got the incisions before I gave my life to Jesus and I really did regret it” I said, surveying her face for her reaction

“You regret it? Isn’t it supposed to be the reason why you are still hale and hearty? Isn’t it why your work is going on well with no issue?” she spoke on naively, looking at me as if I was the weird one

“But what about you? Are the incisions working for you? If they are, why are you finding it difficult to do certain things? Why?” I asked and her enthusiasm died a bit

“Well…” she said and observed a very long pause

“The truth is this my dear sister, the devil gives no man anything good” I said firmly and she shook her head

“Of course I know. But I am alive only because I am well secured and safe through the powers imputed in me. If not for the incisions and all, my case would have been a no no!” She explained, so sure of her conviction.

I shook my head

Oh what blindness!

“So, what of Jesus? Where is the power he promised? Is he not able to save or deliver? Is that what you are saying? That Jesus is powerless?” I bombarded her with the seemingly millions of questions

She gripped my arm suddenly and squeezed it

“I didn’t say that” she said

“So, what were you saying? Explain in clear terms” I so hated it when my Lord and Savior is being underrated by anyone because He had so done marvelous things for me.

“You had incisions too. Why?” she asked, pouting her mouth in argument

I cleared my throat

I was ready to fight this to the end

God’s name must be glorified

“It was because of Epilepsy”

She smiled

“And it did stop after the traditional intervention, didn’t it?” she smiled as if she had won the case.

I was interested in the point she was driving at so, I nodded

“Oh yes, it did stop!” I said and she smiled widely, clapping her hands together

“God isn’t as strict as we have painted him to be. In fact, the Bible says, heaven helps those who help themselves…”

Misquote of the scriptures, oh God!

“My doctor, God seems slow sometimes. Where you expect him to act, he wouldn’t act but when you do not expect him to act, that’s when he would act. So, we have to consult the gods while still worshipping God because they are just like messengers to him” she killed it all.

My heart burnt within me.

We had fed this woman with these gibberish she had been vomiting oh God!

God, your daughter needs real refurbishing!

“Mrs. Olowo, I beg your pardon but your perspective about God is so wrong! One, no Bible says heaven helps those who help themselves, it had just been adopted for use by many people trying to avert the right spiritual course they are supposed to take. Two, God isn’t slow! Mrs. Olowo, He is merciful! He loves! He cares! He might appear slow but no, God’s time isn’t Ours’ and His’ is always the best time. If you trust him wholly, forget sister, He is never too late!”

I just couldn’t say much.

My heart panted so hard.

“So, how did he not save you when you fell into your fits of epilepsy?

Why was it that some incisions on parts of your body, done in the names of the gods healed you? Why?”

“I didn’t complete the statement the other time ma’am. The epilepsy stopped when I was taken to the traditionalist but it didn’t last! The devil never gives something that would last! The problem I had was epilepsy and by the time in came back after about 3 months later, it added real convulsion, rheumatism, blood vomiting and many more” I explained and she looked disgusted

“God of mercy!” she exclaimed, holding her chest firmly.

I was happy that that one hit her with a bang.

“But it took just a touch of His garment, the touch of faith and Jesus took them all away”

“Hmmm…but what happened to the incisions on your body?” she asked and I smiled as I relived it all.

After Jesus had healed me and I had become born again, I started having series of dreams, different masquerades pursuing me in the dream, different masked guys sleeping with me in turns; I saw myself carrying white calabash on my head and my body covered in white!

It was a scary thing!

I did wake up every day then with a start, panting, sweating and very scared.

I was so confused

Was this how it would feel at first after giving one’s life to Jesus?

“After months of tormenting dreams, I spoke out to my pastor who quickly sent for two deliverance ministers after listening to my story. They set to pray for me and see me vomiting different substances. The greenish thing I was made to drink at that time, I vomited too, a ring was vomited too and it was really a tug of war as everything done against me through those incisions were nullified and destroyed.”

“So, there are specially meaning attached to incisions?” she asked and I nodded

“You are right ma’am”

She gasped

“Do I also need deliverance?” she asked

“Yes you definitely need one. But you definitely need a man of God who has really been called of God because if a fake one lays his hand on you, it’s as good as proclaiming death sentence on you.” I said and she nodded

“Would you get me a pastor?”

“Yes. I would bring him tomorrow”

“That would be so nice of you.”

“You are welcome”

“Thank you for talking to me like this o. I am so grateful”

I smiled as I looked into her face.

I was supposed to have peace that her victory was near but no!

I felt as if I had not been able to even get to the root of the problem.

What else is the issue oh Lord?

I held her hand to pray with her and an electric current surged through my veins.

She smiled at me

…and I reciprocated in a very weird way ever!

“I will see you later. Let me go and attend to the other patients

To Be Continued


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