“Ogooluwa, wake up” I heard his voice and I sat up immediately.

It was still dark and he was fully dressed, carrying a small bag. I was startled

“Good morning” I said and he nodded briefly.

“We have to leave now” he said and I looked at him, shocked.

“For where?” I asked

“Nasarawa” he said and I suddenly grew weary.

“What!” I exclaimed and he nodded still

“Let’s go and start our lives afresh there.” He said and I looked really baffled.

“Our loads, as in, come on, Ade mi…” I kept babbling.

It really met me suddenly and I didn’t know the right thing to say.

And that was how we left for Nasarawa state in the middle belt of Nigeria without telling anyone and with our modes of communication- Sim cards- broken!

On the way to Nasarawa again, we were involved in an accident where fire consumed all of our properties and I was so shocked as how this could happen to us.

I wept really hard as I could feel that I smelt of misfortune and ill-fate!

But my name was Ogooluwa- God’s glory!

What was wrong with me oh my good God!

With the little money we had (Thank God Adejare was wise enough to keep another account his parents knew nothing about), we secured a place to live in and it was quite comfortable since the cost of living in Nasarawa was relatively affordable.

But we were not married at all!

I didn’t allow him to touch me until he paid my dowry and until we were prayed for.

Who was he going to even pay the dowry to?

Well, I didn’t know who but I knew deep down that though I loved him, I couldn’t just give way to him like that.

We eventually went to a court of law and we were joined together as we exchanged the matrimonial vows while we hired a couple to pray for us!

Our wedding night was a night I would never forget!

Never did I envisage that everything could be like that!

The way Adejare tore at me as he rammed me was not pleasurable at all.

As I moaned in pain and bled, he didn’t care but only rode on as if I was a horse!

Oh my God!

After everything, as he walked to the bathroom, he turned back to look at me.

“You are a virgin after all” he said and tears streamed down my face.

Where is the guy I loved?

The Adejare that I gave my heart to, where is he?

I had earlier told him while we were in courtship that I wasn’t sure if I was a virgin and that he would find out when we married.

This was because while we were growing up in the orphanage home, one Mr. Sylvester who was a tutor there did teach us practically about sex. He would be so explicit that he would make us lie on one another and then record it in his then analog camera!

I was part of the victims then and there really wasn’t anyone who we could report to because almost all the men there were promiscuous as well and the women would only laugh.

I told Adejare about this and he consoled me, saying no matter the outcome of his findings on our wedding night, he would be just fine.

But see his response now!

You are a virgin after all!

I felt like dying!

…But that was the beginning of our frustrating marital life!


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