“He has killed me!” he exclaimed, widening his eyes in pain

“Who?” I asked so surprised

“This man I called father as killed me o! He has frozen all my accounts! No money anywhere. Ah!!” he slapped the floor many times as he pursed his lips in regret.

I checked the phone he was holding and I saw Mike’s (His friend) message.

Adejare had sent him a text to make withdrawal for him immediately he realized that his father meant the business of disowning him but before Mike who was a banker could do so, the highest powers had connived and there was a painful deal!

I shook my head

“Ade mi, you have to return home. If they agree, better. If they don’t agree eventually, that means we were never meant to be together.” I tried saying

What was happening had really sapped my strength.

“I don’t like pessimists! When did you become one? Exactly when Ogo? We can scale through this together! We can!” he said as he dusted his shirt and we were set to go

“But we can’t get married without their blessings. We really can’t Ade mi” I tried to say so he could reason with me but he didn’t seem to at all

“Who said so? No need of their curses in disguise which they surnamed blessing. Let’s go” he said as he pulled me away while my heart grew hot with uncertainty.

Was there any glimpse of hope at all?

None of his father’s friends took us in that night- they were working based on instruction was what they kept telling us.

It was both embarrassing and painful.

We left for Lalupon, a neighboring town in Oyo state and we lodged at a motel overnight.

We didn’t speak to each other

The silence between us that day was huge.

It felt really weird and I wanted us to just end the relationship!

This was not the man I knew!

What was happening to him?

Was he now seeing me as a real stumbling block?

He occasionally patted me and squeezed my shoulders in a bid to comfort me but I knew it was not going to last.

I woke up to his sobs in the middle of the night and I could only clutch at my pillow and weep too.

If he was full of regrets and all, he should go back and apologize.

He really should!

“We can wait till their hearts become touched. Apologize. I will wait for you. Thank God we are still young” I muttered silently and he shook his head.

I saw the outlines through the faint illuminations from the candlelight

“I know these people more than you! Once they have said no, nothing or nobody out there can change it! They did it for Adejide too when he refused to study Medicine and chose Fine Arts and he is actually flourishing now in Kent’s. I will flourish too!” he said with such finality that I was so certain that his choleric part had taken the most of him.

I probably would have to go to his parents’ house tomorrow to tell them I would leave their son ooo

I can’t bear this for long!

I really can’t!


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