​“Hmm, let me quickly go and buy indomie bellefull two packs” I quickly thought within myself “oh no, where will I cook it? There is not stove here talkless of pot to use in cooking it” I thought again countering the previous.

After thinking, thinking and thinking. I decided to settle for rice. I rushed to mama Risi who sold rice down the street. Immediately I got there, I called her out confidently to come and attend to me. I told her my preferred combination of the food and their respective amount, at last, it all summed up to four hundred and thirty naira. Then I ordered for two sachet of pure water to make it up to four hundred and fifty naira. Even tho I had plans to take out of the juices we sold. I knew there is no way water would be evicted from my meal. Everything was packed into a polythene bag for me. The time came for me to pay and as I dipped my hand into my pocket, I told her that she should bring out change for one thousand naira.

“mi o ni change one thousand o, mo se se shi shop ni o” she said, meaning she didn’t have change for one thousand naira, that she just opened for business of the day. So I told her that she would get her money later in the day when I also have change and she agreed. She knew me from my shop. She also comes to buy juices from us. I got back to shop and settled down to devour the free food I got as a result of finding free money in my pocket. I took three bottles of juice from the fridge. Sat down gallantly in a corner of the shop. First, I took another look at the food I was about to devour. I haven’t eaten this much before, for where! Where I wan see the money? But you all know that money not worked for would be spent anyhow and that was what was manifesting right now. I decided to count to three before commencing consumption but before I could count to two I lost interest and started devouring it shamelessly. I didn’t obey the law of table manners. Before swallowing a mouthful, I had inserted another full spoon into my mouth. In a jiffy, I was done with the rice, beans, plantain and spagetti. It was time to consume the two big meats that crowned it. “omo, no time to waste time at all o” I said loudly to myself and before you can say TICK – TACK; I was done with them, I gulped down the last of the three bottles of juice and said “hallelujah” to the heavens for providing this wonderful opportunity. I felt my belly filled up to the brim. And you know that once you are that filled up, you become lazy, I mean very lazy, even to pack the plates. I just stretched my legs on the other plastic and began to wish I could be living this kind of life everyday. You know what I mean na.

About an hour 30 minutes later, the sweet voice of a bread hawker attracted my attention. Thoughts of topping the just concluded meal with it crossed my mind and I wasted no time in calling the bread seller. She reversed to my shop and I helped her put down her board. I ordered her to give me two hundred and fifty naira worth of bread and then add one hundred naira worth of butter to the middle. As she was preparing my order, a friend of mine, Eunice, was waking by. She saw that I was buying bread and she quickly crossed over and begged me to buy for her. Feeling kind of big, I asked the bread seller to grant her wish. She ordered for one hundred naira bread and fifty naira butter then she left.

Eunice was a my school mate, i always wished I dated her but she always seem inapproachable because she had a wild character but I always loved her because she was a very caring type and apart from that, she knows how to control her pay in order not to affect her education. Believe it, she was part of the top 3 students in the class.

“Ah, I no get change o” the bread seller protested when I told her I was going to bring out one thousand naira note from my pockets.

“weytin we go do now? Me sef no get change o, I never sell anything today.” I explained to her and she herself said she would come back to ask for the money when she returned. I agreed and she left.

As I returned to my sit, I immediately started devouring the bread. It was as if I hadn’t eaten anything before. In a twinkle of an eye, I had demolished the long loaf of bread and drank two more bottles of juice to push it down. I then stretched out my legs and relax so that I can fully digest it. Before I knew it, I was dozing off.


To be continued


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