​Mr Opayemi Abiodun Olusegun (Alore)

John, TJ and Tomiwa sat under a tree not far from the palace, the only news john wanted to hear was that the king was dead so that he could carry out his plan to perfection, the hunter had left them and gone back to his home, he seemed less bothered than they were, maybe he wanted something like that, his daughter getting married to a king, TJ looked at John in surprise, he had never seen him act with so much determination, Joy had surely had a lot of impact on him, Tomiwa mind had wandered away, he was thinking of his father, his mother and his little sisters, though he had not informed them of his decision to come to Lagos two days ago, he just hoped they have not tried dialing his handset yet, his mind was brought back to reality when he saw a guard running towards their direction, John was battle ready, if the guard was coming for him, he was going to use his combat moves now, the guard ignored them and branched to the house behind them, the guard seemed worried as he knocked on the chiefs door, the chief came out almost immediately as if he had been expecting him, John looked back to see what was going on between them, he heard the guard say something like ‘the Igwe is dead’ then the chief reacting to what he had said as if he was in trouble, John’s greatest news had been confirmed, his plot had succeeded, the Igwe was dead, he signaled to TJ and Tomiwa who also knew what was going on, they had to execute their plan now.


The hunter entered his house singing a joyful song, when his wife saw him alone she asked of their daughter Chinelo, he then went on to explain what happened to his wife, as soon as he finished narrating the story she started dancing and singing, they both sang and danced together, their dream had come true, they were now officially in-laws with the most influential man in town, they were now in-laws with the king.


It was 9 pm, Nelson was in his sitting room with his wife, he was worried, his friend had not come to his house and his phone number still switched off, he had to act fast, he feared the worst, something might had happened to his friend, maybe he was not lost but had fallen victim to the ruthless kidnappers, he stood up and left his wife in the sitting room, he had to go to bed because he had the feeling that tomorrow was going to be a long day.


Kemi was having the time of her life, she was in another man’s bed, her husband had travelled to Enugu in search of her stepson, she hissed at the thought of it, she couldn’t care less if John was dead but she was glad her husband was gone because now she would have the chance to sleep about with other men, she smiled as her concubine came out of the bathroom and smiled at her, she knew what the smile meant, he was ready for round two.


Chinelo was in tears as she realized that she had made a mistake, her husband was dead and for all she cared she could be pregnant for him, her dreams only lasted for a few hours as it had vanished from her face like a smoke, she had different thoughts, what would she tell her parents, what if the new king would not want her, suddenly a guard grabbed her arm, she looked up at his face and recognized him instantly, it was one of those corpers, we have to leave here now TJ said to Chinelo, instead of following him, she placed her head on the late King’s chest and wept, TJ had to leave, he had tried his best


Joy was sitting on her bed when a guard barged into her room, she recognized him instantly, it was John, the love of her life, she almost wept as they kissed each other, John said they had to leave quick, Tomiwa had rescued Becky, TJ had gone to rescue Chinelo, they had to meet them at the rendezvoused point, they ran through the palace which was now in disorder as everybody was weeping for the king, they ran through the back door and towards a tree, John could see Tomiwa, Becky and TJ but Chinelo was not with them, he asked TJ what went wrong, TJ replied and said she does not want to leave her new husband, they ran to the main road, they didn’t know where they were heading to, but they kept running, suddenly John remembered the place, it was the road to his dad’s friends house, Mr Nelson, he had visited there twice, Mr Nelson though always came to check up on him at least once every month, this way everybody John said to them, they didn’t know where they were going but they had all learned to trust John’s decision, he ran towards the black gate and knocked it furiously, a gate man opened the gate, he recognized John, Oga mi wetin happen now? He asked John they pushed him out of the way, entered the compound and locked the gate behind them, Nelson ran out of his house wearing pyjamas, he thought it was his friend Mr Adeboye, but it was someone he was even more glad to see, he was so happy, John was alive!

Coming soon >> Part…8  >> By 11:00am today


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