As written by Mr Opayemi Abiodun Olusegun (Alore)

They were led to another part of the river where a lot of mermen and mermaids were, it looked like a place where they had their events , then the trial began, the opposition lawyer started by accusing humans of murder and pollution of their water world, he pleaded with the court to give the humans the justice they deserve which was death, then John was called to defend his friends, he first started by greeting that judge and the entire members of the underwater world, he then asked the opposing lawyer what his best food was, the opposing lawyer replied and said he eats underwater plants, John then said he was also guilty of murder because the plants also had life, he said that if the plants could move and talk they would also put the merman and mermaids on trial, he explained that fish was one of man’s best food and that man even reared them for food, he went ahead to say that they were some humans who kept fish as pet, he narrated their ordeal in the hands of the kidnappers and begged the court to have mercy on them as they all had families to return to, when John had finished speaking, the court jury then swarm away to decide on the outcome of the trial, TJ chuckled as the jury swarm away, he could not believe his eyes, they were being tried by fish, he was guilty of eating fish ranging from cat fish pepper soup, tilapia, Titus, Sardine and many more than he could count, in fact fish was in the moin – moin they hand for breakfast that morning, the jury were back and they were not smiling, they told the judge their decision and went back to their position, the judge cleared his throat and said here is our decision, after hearing from both lawyers, this underwater court finds the humans.

Not Guilty! You are therefore discharged and acquitted, John and his friends heaved a sigh of relief as the judgement was passed. John was the happiest amongst them because he had won his first major case, it was a special and unique one, it was underwater against the mer world, he knew he was destined for great things, he went to give the opposing lawyer a hand shake, the opposing lawyers hand was the softest and smoothest hand he had ever touched, he was full of Joy, he was the man of the moment, Joy stepped forward and gave him a hug, yes! he deserved it, the rest of his friends stepped forward and hugged him too, TJ gave him a pat on his cleanly shaved head and said that’s my boy, the princess of the underwater world came forward gave John something that looked like a Pearl and whispered something in his ear, John looked at the pearl and nodded his

head in understanding ………………………………

It was time for them to leave the underwater

world, they were

lead upwards by hefty mermen who helped

them swim to the

river bank and quickly swarm back to their

underwater world,

finally they were free from the water world,

TJ had seen the

mermaid tell John something in his ear, he

wondered what she

might have told him, maybe, she was asking

for his bb pin or his

twitter handle, TJ chuckled as he thought,

John looked at Joy,

she was dripping with water as her Corper

vest stuck to her skin,

he could now see her sexy and lovely body,

she saw him looking

and smiled at him, John looked back at the

river which was now

calm, if there was a world record for longest

time spent by a

human being underwater without air, they

had now broken it, he

looked at his watch which he could not see

clearly, whatever the

time was, the day was far spent as it was

already evening, they

continued their journey with great precaution

as they could not

afford another negative surprise that day,

they found an orange

tree in their path and plucked some oranges

to cure their hunger,

John watched as TJ devoured an orange, he

just hoped there

was no orange kingdom to arrest them

again, they finally decided

to spend their night under the orange tree,

they would wake up in

turns to keep watch of the others, as John

lay down to sleep he

looked at the bright side of their Journey, he

had gotten a clean

hair cut and shave from his kidnappers and

he had received a

very valuable jewel from the mermaid, he

had also won his first

major case in court, he was also closer to

that girl he loved, a

cool breeze blew as John fell into a deep


Shh! no noise……. See you next episode….. Watch awt


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