Joy was so scared that her heart pumped like a pumping machine, she had different questions racing through her mind like Who were these people? Where are they being taken to?

What do they want from them? Why were

they the chosen ones?

John noticed that the bus suddenly slowed

down and took a turn,

now there were off the tarred road, he knew

because he could tell

from the buses sound and movement, he

heard one of the armed

men talking about how much they will be

paid for bringing ten

people, one of the men said If na 100,000

naira per person then e

mean say na one million naira we dey

collect, now John knew

where they were being taken to, they were

going to be sold by the

armed men to ritualists who would pay them

100,000 naira for

each of them, TJ’s worst fears were

confirmed as he also heard

their conversation, is this how his life is

going to end? He

thought, the bus had continued along the

rough road for 30

minutes where it had taken different turns

than they could count,

they drove for another 20 minutes before the

bus finally came to

a stop. They were there, John thought, they

were at the place

where their lives might end, their blindfolds

were removed and

they were ordered to get down from the bus,

as they got down lo

and behold they were in the middle of

nowhere inside a very thick

forest, right in front of them stood an

uncompleted building with

hefty and heavily armed men, they were

about 7 in number, one of

the guards said they don come o, the leader

of the armed men

then ordered them to line up in a straight

line and move into the

building, John wondered how any human

being in their right

senses would think of building a house in

such a thick forest in

the first place, as they were moving into the

building, John

noticed that a car was parked beside it, it

was a Range Rover

SUV, John quickly crammed the number of

the vehicle AA 885

AKD as they were about to enter into the

building John thought,

was that the last car he was going to see?

Well if it was, it was a

nice one .

They entered the building which was dark

and damp and smelled

of death, escaping was not an option as they

were surrounded by

hard looking, heartless and hefty armed men,

they were lead to a

dark room they called the dungeon, where

they were chained. TJ

said to John ‘on the bright side we’ll pray to

God for forgiveness

and end up in heaven ‘ prayers! John hadn’t

thought of that, he

began to pray to God for forgiveness, he

asked God to find them a

way out of this smelly, dark dungeon, he had

not finished praying

when one man walked in carrying injections

all filled with a

substance that neither of them knew about,

the man began to

inject each of them with the substance, as

he was injected, John

began to recite psalm 23, he had not reach

‘thou anoint my head

with oil ‘ when he suddenly felt dizzy, as his

eyes were about to

close the last thing he saw was Joy who

was already


…………………………………………………………… It was


evening when they woke up, they must have

slept for about 5

hours, it was then John noticed that he was

Unclad and all his

hair was shaven, not only him but all the

guys who were in the

dungeon, he looked towards Joy’s direction,

she was untouched

and so were the remaining women in the

dungeon, he and Joy’s

eyes met, he was a little shy, he liked the

idea of being Unclad in

front of her but not under such

circumstances, their clothes were

in the center of the room, John felt uneasy,

he was not used to

being Unclad in front of women, but he knew

TJ was, he had to

find a way to free himself and get out of

this mess along with Joy

and TJ at least, he looked at the far end of

the room and noticed

that some of them were weeping, John

studied the room for

escape points, the window was not an option

as it was high, very

small and had a hard burglary barricade in

front of it, he looked

up at the ceiling, the door was not an option

either as two armed

men were outside guarding it, he looked at

Joy then he had an

idea …

John looked at Joy’s hair and noticed that

she had a hair pin, can

you throw me your hair pin? John asked

politely, okay Joy

replied as she removed her hair pin and

tossed it at John, with

his shackle bound hands he pick up the pin,

as he tried to use

the pin to pick the lock of his chains, the

door opened and 3 men

came in and took the four other people who

were not corpers,

John heard one of them say something

about beheading them

and using their organs for money rituals,

John silently prayed to

God for a miracle, as the last armed man

was about to close the

door he mistakenly shut the door on the

bunch of keys attached

to his belt hole, the keys fell inside the room

as the man shut the

door, that was the fastest prayer that God

had ever answered

him, now he had to act fast, heaven had

helped him now he had

to help himself, he got back to picking the

lock as he was

sweating as if he was inside an oven, he

was relieved when he

picked the first lock, he had never done such

before but he had

now put the movies he watched into good

use, as his left hand

was free he used it to pick the second

lock,it took about 3

minutes for him to pick the lock until it

opened, with both his

hands free he stretched to where the key

was but he was just a

few inches short, he looked around and

remembered their clothes

which was in the middle of the room, he

stretched to where the

clothes were and took his boxers and used

often it to try to get

the key, He threw his boxers over the bunch

of keys and pulled it

nearer, now he had the keys, he had tried 3

keys before the fourth

one opened the shackles on his feet, now

free, he out on his

boxers and went to release Joy first, he tried

the keys that

released him first and it opened all her

shackles, he tried it for TJ

too and It worked, when TJ was free John

have him the keys to

release the other 3 people while he dressed

up, when they were

all released and dressed up, John had a plan

to get them out of

there.. ……………………… Bison was in the

slaughter room when he

noticed that his keys were not with him, he

quickly retraced his

steps in search of the keys, he searched

everywhere but could

not find his keys, he then remembered that

he had not searched

the dungeon, with his pistol in his hand he

ran to the dungeon, he

then ordered the two guards to open the

door, when the door was

opened, Bison could not believe his eyes

The room was empty as all the prisoners

had escaped through

the ceiling, he raised an alarm and informed

all the men that the

prisoners had escaped and he needed to

have them back, all the

men ran out in search of John and his

mates because prisoners

meant money, John and his friends ran

through the back of the

building into the forest as fast as they could

because sooner or

later their captors would find out that they

had escaped, before

they could say Nelson Mandela 6 armed men

were after them, it

was now a race of life and death called stop

and you are dead,

TJ had been in a similar situation before

when he was being

chased by cultists in his university for dating

the girlfriend of one

of them, that time he ran through the school

premises to the

nearest police station or else he would have

surely been beaten

to coma, he had then called his father who

had then called the

commissioner of police to get the cultists

arrested, they ran

through the forest without knowing where

exactly they were

heading to, luckily for John the men had not

collected his wrist

watch, he checked the time as he was

running, it was 4:20 pm,

as they continued running one of the male

corpers whose name

was Chidi fell and twisted his ankle, they

had already ran far

ahead before TJ looked back and noticed

what had happened,

none of them dared go back to rescue him,

John felt sorry for

Chidi as the men pounced on him and

dragged him back, one

man dragged him as the remaining 5

continued the pursuit, as

John and his friends ran on they jumped

over a pit which was full

of bones and skulls and produced a bad

odour, John concluded that that was

probably where the men dumped the

remains of their victims, they ran and turned

left but the men kept pursuing

them, they arrived at a cliff which had a river

at It’s bottom, John

and his friends looked back, there was only

one thing to do.

Watch out! The story continues. Let’s have your comments pls….. And then share the story with your family and friends….


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