“I’M A TWIN”. When I read the message, I was much more confused. Even if it was just mere resemblance, and it wasn’t really Aramide, I heard them call her ‘Mide’. “Is this one of the plans of this goat in sheep’s clothing to deceive me?” I thought to myself.


I told Mayowa the whole thing. And Mayowa told me she was lying, that she isn’t a twin. I didn’t really believe Mayowa. A part of me believed what Aramide told me, while the other chose to believe what Mayowa said. But I decided to give Aramide a chance to prove to me that she was telling the truth. I called Aramide immediately. . .


Aramide: Hello Dapo, thanks so much for calling. I do not take it for granted. Please listen to me. I’ve been trying to explain to you all the while that I have a twin sister. We are identical twins, and she isn’t born again. She drinks and does all sort of stuffs. I should be praying and reading with my sister but she doesn’t like any of the two that’s why I chose you. Please believe me. It wasn’t me you saw.

Me: I don’t believe you. I will never believe you until I see for myself the two of you. Don’t send me pictures o. Meet me in Anglomoz right now with your twin sister

Aramide: Yes, but she is not around right now. I’ve spoken to her about the mess she caused, I’ve convinced her to come meet you since that’s the only way to clear your doubts. I’ll call you when she’s back.

Me: (chuckles) Alright, I will expect your call. (I ended the call)


I thought to myself that she was lying, and that was why she said her twin sister was not around. But I was surprised when she called me after 30 minutes to tell me they were waiting for me at Anglomoz. When I got to Anglomoz, I saw Two ‘Aramides’. They were so alike, same eyes same nose, same hair type, though different styles. I was so sad. That was the reason I did backslide. It was such a terrible thing. So it wasn’t my Aramide that was at the bar. . .


Aramide: Dapo meet my twin sister Ademide. Ademide, meet my prayer and reading partner Dapo

Me: (Stretching my hands to Ademide) Its nice meeting you.

Ademide: (Not reciprocating the handshake) Dude what’s up. I’m Ademide, and  besides, I’m not here to make friends with you, I’m here to clean my mess. And now I hope everything is settled? I’m out! (She left)

Aramide: (Her eyes were filled with tears than didn’t roll out) I’m really sorry, it was all my fault. ( She wanted to go, but I held her hand.)

Me: (Humbly) See the resemblance, who wouldn’t have thought it was you. I know its my fault, I should have believed in you. How would you have done such a thing? How? It couldn’t have been you! (I went down on my knees and all efforts to pull me up proved abortive) Please, just find a place in your heart to forgive me. I should have known it wasn’t you, I should have known.

Aramide: (Now she couldn’t control her tears) It’s alright! It wasn’t your fault. Please stop crying.


The whole ‘revelation’ scene ended, and I went back to my hostel disappointed. It was the mistaken identity that caused the whole problem. That was why I slept with Sandra, that was why I stopped going to church. “But they called her Mide at the party”. I thought to myself. It was then it occurred to me that the ‘Mide’ was a short form of ‘Ademide’.


That was the new custom of Yoruba people. They stopped naming twins Taye and Kehinde, but names sounding similar. E.g  Ayomide & Ayomikun, Mosunmola & Sunmisola, Damilola & Demilade etc. And that was the case with Aramide & Ademide.


The deed has been done, but Sandra did not want to let go. She kept stalking me always. She was literarily suffocating me. “What can I do?” I said to myself.


What next? Find out in Episode 26. And don’t forget to share with friends.



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