As written by ODEYEMI PELUMI (@zoepearls)


The next day was a Tuesday, and that day was bible study in my church. I didn’t want to go, as I could have just stayed in the room to read. Because that was a chance to see Aramide again. I wore my only and best pair of shoes, a white shirt with a black pant, and a red tie. I looked at myself in the mirror, and I looked really good. So I headed straight for church.

I got to church early, and I had to seat in front. The 2nd row precisely. In a service of about 800 people, how exactly was I going to see Aramide? The pastor really preached, as I could remember that he was going up, and coming down. My mind wasn’t in the service. I was just surveying the whole congregation. But I couldn’t find her. “Maybe she didn’t come at all.” I thought to myself. Aramide to me didn’t look like someone who would miss weekdays’ service unless she has to be unavoidably absent.

After about 1 hour 30 minutes, the whole programme ended and we shared the grace. I looked around, but couldn’t see any ‘lookalike’ of her. Well, I had to give up, as I was trying to show a strong resolve, though I was very sad on the inside. As I was on the main road looking for a bus, someone called my name. “Dapo!” I knew it was her, or let me say I wished it was her. But you know, wishes do come true. Indeed, it was Aramide.
Aramide: I looked around and didn’t see you, I thought you didn’t come.
Me: Really? I sat at the second row in front. (The reply should have been; same here, but I didn’t want to be forward)
Aramide: Hope you enjoyed the message?
Me: Definitely, I did. The man of God is just so blessed and anointed.
Aramide: Did you hear when he talked about the health center?
Me: Yeah, it was really profound. (I didn’t listen to anything, I just didn’t want to look like a bad Christian).

The buses were coming, but so many people were there, also trying to get a bus. Which means that one would have to struggle to enter the bus, since it was just some minutes to 7pm, I just continued my conversation with Aramide, and didn’t bother rushing for the bus. Aramide did same.

Me: So what church to you attend at hone?
Aramide: RCC
Me: Redeem?
Aramide: Yeah sure.
Me: So you are a redeemer?
Aramide: (Laughing) Jesus is the redeemer, and I’m just the redeemed.
Me: Wow, nice analysis.

We continued discussing, and it was getting really interesting. We just continued. . .

Aramide: Actually, to be sincere, I’ve been looking for you since I entered church. Because there is something I want to ask you, and something I want to tell you.
Me: (My heart beat became ten times faster, because the girl in question is a girl I liked since the first time I saw her. “Is she going to ask me to date her? or tell me she liked me? Or. . .” I kept wondering what she wanted to say as I prepared my big YES for the big question. I was keeping mute for too long, so I had to say something) You said you want to tell me something, and ask me a question. Which one do you want to do exactly?
Aramide: (Laughing) Both.
Me: (Now it seems like it’s what I was thinking, but I just kept calm) So let’s hear the question.
Aramide: The question is: DO YOU. . .

What was the question? Find out in Episode 20. And don’t forget to share with friends.


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