Episode 17

The tape wasn’t as audible and clear as i hoped it would be, nevertheless it was loud enough for everyone in the room to listen easily. My heart pounded with excitement as everyone listened to Esther’s confession which really was accurate and up to point. Such a perfect confession it was… Seriously Esther underestimated me by not thinking that i could come up with such invention. Yea just like most of the white folks in the room, she thought we blacks were foolish and incapable of thinking straight. I never knew what gave them such mentality, however i must confess, none of them uttered such word to my face but their behavior clearly showed the resentment.

The first rule of every fight is never to underestimate your enemy but Esther clearly abused that rule and sold out herself in a way i never imagined. Seriously i never expected her to give such detailed confession to me. It was simply amazing and unbelievable. Her behavior was a very stupid one but to be sincere nobody would have expected a woman in my condition to come up with such an awesome plan. She never had any reason to believe that i could come up with something very unique. In her mind i was a very bitter woman who might equally be mentally unstable due to the trauma i was passing over my husband’s death.

As the tape played, she slowly coloured up while atmosphere in the room grew tense and grim. I forced out a smile, nodding as the message delivered across to everyone in the room. On getting to part where the fight broke out. I switched off the tape and breathed deeply.

Precious: “That’s what I came to get. That’s my defence. I’m no murderer. You all heard the confession” I breathed with satisfaction. My brother came forward and took the recorder from me while the muscular guy who fought us minutes earlier, rushed to my gun which was lying on Esther’s bed, but before he could get to it, almost all the guys in the room, rushed and held him down. Esther slowly sat on the floor and cried.

Esther: “This is a set up. Nooo” she cried.

Damian’s mother drew forward, hugged me and cried.

Damian’s Mother: “you just changed my believe towards Nigerians. You went all the way to the end of the road to prove your innocence. You did what only few women will be brave to do. While I harboured my son’s killer, you took every risk to find the truth” she cried bitterly.

Precious: “mum please stop. I’m just satisfied that your eyes has opened” I breathed. It was such an emotional scene. Oh how i wish you guys were there to witness it all. So what happened after??… Hmmmmmmm


Damian’s Mother: “You guys should please call the police” Damian’s mother cried on my shoulder while one of the guys in the room left instantly to do her bidding. I also threw a look at my brother who quickly brought out his phone and called detective Jeremiah.

Precious: “the police will soon be here, please stop crying. You got to consider your eyes” I begged solemnly.

Damian’s Mother: “let’s go to my room dear, we have a lot to talk” she said softly, pulled away from me, grabbed my hand and led me to her room while my brother stayed behind {with the other men in the room} to keep an eye on Esther and her so called cousin who hid his face with shame…. 



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