After freshening up in one of the bathrooms, I was led to the detective’s office, where I sat and waited for the so called Esther Hardey to show up.
She showed up precisely ten minutes later with the same annoying white lawyer who threatened my brother.
They all stared at me with surprise as they walked into the detective’s office. “What is this murderer doing here?” the lawyer asked with anger. Detective Jeremiah smiled and shook his head.
“As a lawyer, you should know that no suspect is guilty until a court of law gives verdict. She’s a suspect just like the lady that brought you along” he answered the Lawyer who bit his lips angrily.
“I’m taking none of this s–t any longer. If you can’t do your job, better resign. My clients are tired of being detained in this country for no justifiable reason. They all want to go home and I give you two days to make it happen, else the fury of the American government will be on the whole Nigerian police force. You can’t just keep everyone hostage” he threatened.
“Oh I see you are representing all the Americans involved in this case, but I feel that will change soon” the detective added quietly.
“What if I tell you, I have enough evidence to throw one of your clients in the cell right now?” he pushed on.
“Esther Hardey, she was at the house when the crime was committed. She was Damian’s fiancée, am I wrong?” he asked the lawyer who kept quiet.
“Esther had the motive and mindset to commit such murder and according to test results we have so far, she was physically present in one of the crime scenes which invariably places her in a bad position. I pin the murder charge on her. Phewwww case closed. I get promoted” The detective concluded with a smile, while the lawyer instantly grew tense and stared at Esther with a coloured face.
Of course the detective had nothing strong to pin down the lady, but as a good officer he pulled a fast one on the white lawyer who for the first time looked beaten. It was time to prove how good a lawyer he was….
I prayed silently. I prayed for the detective’s stunt to work.
“your client should use this opportunity to come out clean or Damian’s mother won’t like what I plan telling her” the detective pushed on, while Esther colored up. It was obvious she was hiding something
“oh Lord, make her to confess” I prayed…………….



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