Episode 8

Precious: “Officer I’m all ears, tell me the news you bear” I asked with fear. The detective threw a swift look at Nancy who shifted uneasily.
Detective: “Well I don’t think now is a good time. It’s something private” he replied, forcing me to smile quickly.
Precious: “Nancy is like a sister to me. She knows almost everything about me. You can say anything in her presence” I urged him nervously.
Detective: “Esther Hardey” he instantly called out, searching my face for any reaction. But the name he mentioned only drew me into another pit of confusion. The name sounded so strange and unfamiliar.
Precious: “I don’t understand/ I haven\t heard such name anywhere”I breathed with confusion.
Detective: “That’s the name of your husband’s fiancée. A white lady he was supposed to Marry. The lady he left to marry you in order to fulfill the promise he made to you” he explained.
A cold shiver instantly ran through my spine.
Precious: “So are you insinuating that Damian married me just to fulfill a promise?” I asked sadly,
Precious: “well I never knew he was engaged to any woman, seriously I thought all the ladies he played were just flings” I murmured.
Detective: “That’s not the problem” he continued, breathing deeply. “The lady in question is currently in Nigeria and was among the people that came into the country with your husband’s family and equally was present at the house when the crime was committed” he explained, while I stared at him with a little hope.
Precious: “That isn’t bad news, is it?. The lady definitely killed him. She had the motive and opportunity. Unbelievable” I poured out desperately but the detective simply shrugged.
Detective: “Yes she has the motive and opportunity, but we can’t just arrest her without strong reason. All I can do is to invite her for a little questioning and equally pray she doesn’t lawyer up” he answered, breaking my worn out spirit. “however we are still matching the DNA stuff we got from the scene and your husband’s body. I believe something positive will come out of it, but my only problem is that my superiors are putting much weight and interest in this case. They are pushing for closure and speedy trial which really will put you up as the scapegoat, if you are to be dragged to court without me finishing my investigations. You really need to pray my dear. You know how bad our judicial system can be, moreover the Americans want you to hang” he concluded, while my heart froze. I instantly fell, collapsing on the floor within seconds….’

I fainted

I soon regained myself to see two female police officers and Nancy by my side. Detective Jeremiah stood a distance away, watching me with great interest.
“hope you have eaten today?” One of the female officers asked me.
“Yea” I nodded, breathing heavily.
“You have to get a grip of yourself if you ever want to win this case. You got to be strong. Esther Hardey will be here in few minutes for questioning” the Detective said to me.
“Please i want to be present when she’s being questioned. I want to see her face” I begged weakly.
“No I can’t do that, I have already broken a lot of protocols for you” he answered quickly.
“I beg of you. Remember we are talking about my husband’s murder. Help a widow”I pushed passionately.
He breathed deeply and shrugged.”I hope I don’t get fired for all I’m doing for you. Well you have to freshen up first, secondly you must promise not to say a word to the lady when you meet her” he said seriously.
“Oh yes, I promise not to say a word” I answered, while he smiled and left.
“The detective is a wonderful man. He will help you out” the second female cop said to me, nodding with a smile…

To be continued


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