I write with Tears.
I woke up after my wedding night to see a knife buried in my husband’s chest, our bed sheet soaked with blood. I couldn’t believe my eyes; I couldn’t believe it was all real. I held my dead husband and looked around. “No this can’t be happening” I breathed, trying hard to control myself. But it was all real, Damian was cold and still. He was dead for real. “No!” I sobbed quietly, wondering what to do, wondering the next step to take. There was any doubt; I was about experiencing a very terrible twist in my life. Damian was definitely murdered by someone who was so desperate to destroy my happiness. I sat down on the floor while my mind flashed back to how I met my husband.
After NYSC, early the previous year. I came to Abuja to live with my elder brother who was a doctor in one of the city hospitals. He had no problem getting me a good job in a very popular construction company inside the city. Seriously i counted myself as a very lucky girl because I was the first to get a job among all my classmates and friends. I started work in Damian’s office as a secretary and that was when my life took a dramatic turn. Damian who was my boss, a white and an American citizen quickly took interest in me. He was so sweet and caring but equally a womanizer. Everyone warned me to be careful. My colleagues advised me to be professional when dealing with him and never give in to his demands, which I obeyed. But surprisingly he continued disturbing me, even after turning him down so many times. The more I turned him away, the bolder he got. This continued until I finally gave in to him. We had a very sweet relationship that soon became the talk of the town. As our relationship progressed, I started getting threats from his old girlfriends both in Nigeria and abroad, but it never stopped me from giving up on him. Three months into the relationship, he proposed to me and met my people, drawing another shock from everyone, especially the white community. Our marriage was quickly fixed and I insisted for it to be done in Nigeria because of my family and friends which he accepted without hesitation. Damian’s mother, family members and friends arrived in the country two days to our wedding. I had a very long talk with his mum and cousins who all tried to be nice to me even though the resentment on their faces were noticeable. The church wedding and reception went very well. Damian really spared no cost in organizing the whole show. We planned travelling to Dubai the next day for our honeymoon, which made us spend our first night as husband and wife in his big house where almost all his family members and friends slept. Anyone of them could have crept into the room as we slept and struck him, but there wasn’t any doubt I would be the major suspect…. “Oh no” I wailed with a loud voice, drawing the attention of everyone in the house. Within minutes, almost every member of the white community was in Damian’s house. It was as if they were all waiting for such news…. I couldn’t believe I was married only for one night…



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