The Fleeting Time in Infinity
I sat brooding about the passage of Time.
Who can tell the identity of the time’s life?
There is nothing to indicate the life of the Time;
Yet it controls the passage and existence of life.
There is neither shape nor colour of Time.
It is just the emptiness and infinity of Life.
It means the change of things over time;
Thus, upon things doth time derived life.
I reckoned that infinity in time exists upon life.
The rivers and the seas run their cycle around Time.
The seasons, the night and the day all live their Life;
Thus, we run our chores and routine within the time.
What then plays upon the existence of man’s life?
Who lives from day to day, chasing around Time
But does not know when Time would depart his Life
Thus in the emptiness of space, he loses his Time.
What then should a man do within the time of his life?
For no matter the life he lives, he would lose his time
It probably would sound better to say he lose his life
Still chasing and clutching to a hope of extended time.
If man would extend his life beyond his earthly time
Let him give others his time while he still lives his life
For those that live after his life would pass on his Time
For thus doth the Lord gives us His son’s Time and Life



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