I came from a highly recognized and respected family; my father was a cultist and a popular ogun priest, (Ogun in Yoruba means god of iron, the protector of the hunters, farmers, goldsmith, drivers and all people using iron as tools of their work). My family was totally devoted to Ogun to the extent that Ogun was added to all our names.

Ogun has being favouring us, people brought money, yams, dog, kola and other gifts for us whenever they escaped from any form of iron related accident. The general belief among the worshippers is that Ogun has protected them, so he priest deserved some gift to thank him for protection. Infact throughout my childhood the only beautiful occupation I dreamt of was to become an Ogun priest. However, this began to change with time.

I used to be very close to my father as he was preparing me to take over from him when he dies. One day we were travelling to attend Ogun festival where my father would perform the sacrifice. A stone throw to the town; we were involved in an accident. I escaped with no serious injury, and while I was giving thanks to Ogun for saving my life, I saw my father gasping for breath. He had a deep cut on I touched him and he lifted his head between two chairs that pressed him down, he said Ogun (as he used to call me) run to your maker, Ogun wanted to fight, and he gave up the ghost.

My maker, I repeated, was Ogun not my maker? How can a god kill his own? His high priest who diligently served him? My spirit was heavy and begging for answer. The worshippers could not provide the answer. They said my father like others who died in the accident must have offended the god! But shortly after the final burial rite of my father, many notable worshippers lost their lives in various forms of accident. Since then I kept having thought that one day Ogun would kill me too. One night I ran out of the house to one of my friends in the city, the Holy Spirit has ministered to him concerning me a week before my arrival. After narrating my ordeal, he preached Christ and prayed for me. That night I could not sleep because I discovered my nakedness. I thought over my life and my heart sank within me, to run to my maker, I cried aloud for mercy and my soul was restored. (Gen. 1:26)

If by now you still serve man made god which cannot deliver my father or Dragon which could not save the philistines in time of their trouble, you better come out of deceit of Satan, or for how long will you be a slave.

Jesus Christ is the savior who came to redeem us from destruction and death; He came to give life in abundance (Matt. 1 vs 21, John 10 vs 10). Surrender your life totally to Jesus today, tomorrow may be too late.

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  1. 2show says:

    I am restored, nd I’ve been rewarded …….. Thumbs up @mc_dahmie


  2. pastor sesan says:

    Good one, winning souls to God’s kingdom


    1. Dahmie says:

      Thank you sir, happy to be part of the team


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