It was June; a bright beautiful day Angela woke up in, with all smiles. She was really excited, today is one day she, friends and family had being preparing for. It was the day she was to meet her in-laws for the introduction. She has being expecting this day for the past 3 months when Femi had proposed to her and she accepted but she has never being able to meet her in-laws because they were not in the country.
Yes! They were not in the country as they were multimillionaires who have chosen to live outside the borders of Nigeria and turned their motherland to an holiday spot if they choose. This time they are in Nigeria to meet who has made their son stick to Nigeria. He had traveled back to Nigeria to start up his business which he successfully did with hard work, brilliance and dedication but coupled with this success, he was able to find love in person of Angela.
Everyone was also very happy for Angela; she was getting married to not just a young millionaire but also a man who has proven that he truly loves her.
Her parents and friends helped her prepared and before long the sun was almost at the center of the s
“Will you girls hurry up, they would soon be here” Angela’s mother shouted at the girls in the room as they were taking a lot of time in preparation.
“We would soon be ready mother” replied Tomiwa, one of Angela’s friends.
“Oh am so happy for you, I wish I was you” Tomiwa said to Angela who just blushed happily
“Don’t worry yours would soon come” Mayokun said and everyone chorused amen together.
“But seriously, I still wish I was Angela, rich guys are not easy to meet with nowadays” Tomiwa said again
“Ah! I pity you, you only want a man who is a millionaire, better find true love, work together and grow together” said Mayokun
“leave that one please, once there is money forget it, I will get to love him and love would continue to continue between us but without money forget it o, am not ready to go and suffer in any man’s house” she replied back immediately and Mayokun decided to keep quite.
Everyone continued preparing and in a some hours the whole house could hear the horn sounds from the 3 expensive vehicles that brought the groom’s parents to the venue.

Angela wished she could peep from her window and see her in-laws, her eagerness was clearly shown, she knew that if Femi’s parents give their blessing to this union, the main wedding would be no longer than 2 weeks and then she would also leave Nigeria for their planned honeymoon.

She could hear the talking drummers and the master of ceremony ushering in the grooms parents to their seats then it was the turn of her husband to be, Femi was also ushered in, after this, the Master of ceremony didn’t waste time in announcing to the single ladies around to go and prepare the bride for her entry. Angela heard this right from her room with the aid of the very loud speakers used for the ceremony, she immediately jumped up on her feet, she checked her self in the large mirror placed in her front and she commented that she was looking extra beautiful.
Her friends rushed in happily. They covered her face with a light scarf which was according to tradition and would be opened by the grooms parents.
After few minutes of dancing with her entry, she was directed to kneel in front of her in-laws, the mother and father of the groom are to open the veil simultaneously and then approve the continuation of the event if they accept. They did and then the most shocking thing anyone could expect to happen on his or her wedding day staged itself. As the veil was opened, and Angela came face to face, eyeball to eyeball with her in-laws, they both screamed “W-H-A-A-A-T” simultaneously and then Angela fainted. The arena turned into confusion immediately as everyone was amazed at what just happened.

Angela didn’t animate till early the next day and the first person she set eyes on was Femi who was looking so very angry, he didn’t say anything or move from his sitting position beside her, he just kept staring at her. This really frightened Angela has she knew he must have found out everything from his parents.
“So it was you” Femi finally spoke out
Angela knew there was nothing to deny so she immediately started begging for forgiveness.
‘Baby, am sorry’ she murmured
‘You’re what? You mean you can say you are sorry, after drugging and sleeping with my father, using pictures of it to blackmail my father and asking for more than half of their wealth at that time, huh? Now you say you are sorry?’ Femi said
‘Baby am sorry’ Angela repeated again with hot tears rolling from her cheeks.
‘You know am not saying you are not sorry but am just here to confirm one more thing, the money you were paid by my parents was huge enough to turn anybody’s life around permanently but you are still an average person, where did all the money go?’ Femi asked

‘Ah! Baby its a long story’
‘If you baby me again, I would slap you so hard you won’t be able to leave this hospital for the next 4 months”He warned.
‘Ah!, please, it was the people I worked with then, they betrayed me, they ran away with all the money and that was when I decided to start a new life, am sorry, believe me, am no longer a thief or a prostitute, believe me, I have turned a new leaf” Angela confessed as her tears continued to flow.

‘Hmm, I thought as much, you must also have being cheated, because I expected whoever that masterminded the fraud would be extremely rich by now but look at you, your sins are haunting you now, you seem to be moving with misfortune and there is no doubt, you can’t become rich in life.’ Femi said and stood up, readjusted his shirt and faced her sorry looking face on the sickbed again.
‘I hope I never see your face again,’ Femi said bitterly
‘But.. But.. But we are getting married aren’t we?’
“Really? You think so? May be you should look at finger on which I placed the ring” Femi instructed
And Angela raise her hand to find the ring missing from her finger,
“Its over Angela, that’s the best thing I can do for you, goodbye forever” Femi said and left the ward.

Angela was totally shocked, she screamed so loud that nurses ran, she screamed and screamed, louder and louder are screams went, the doctor and nurses finally had to inject her to sleep so has to quite her, by the time she woke, she was confirmed to have lost balance in her thinking and therefore needed psychological help.


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  1. tvb says:

    hmm…. what a really sad way it ended… you really tried

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  2. rasheed ademola says:

    Hmmmmm, what a sad story truly……..

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