It is now few days to New Year!

Last year one man sent me 2 bags of rice and he won American Visa lottery. He has since moved to America with his family.
One Doctor sent me an Italian leather shoes, a designer perfume and a gold wrist watch and he shared a testimony that he got 6 digit salary work with WHO.
Another lawyer gave me just $10,000 and he was appointed DG to a very big federal agency.
The one who bought me a French suit (it is still hanging in my closet) moved in to his all-room ensuite apartment in Banana Island within 3 weeks of the gift.
Finally someone bought me a special car and was made a minister of God a week later.
This year is your turn for signs and wonder.
Bring the right things and see uncommon transformation.
You bring fowls and turkeys and you can start flying in your own private jets! Hurry before the rush begins


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