Since I have not uploaded a post on my blog for sometime now and here has been so quiet I want to take this opportunity to send shout out
greetings to:
My mom
My dad
My sister
My brother
My nephew
My nieces
My aunts
My uncles
My cousins
My grandmother
My grandfather
My great grandfather
My great grandmother
My great great grandfather
My great great grandmother
My friends
My father in law to be
My mother in law to be
My brothers in law to be
My sisters in law to be
My crazy friends
My dogs
My puppies
My tortoise
My toothbrush
My toothpaste
My warm bed
My pillow
My laptop
My television
To my pastor
To my people
To captain Price
To Black November
To Die hard
To mission impossible
To captain America
To Fast&Furious
To the last ship
To last resort
To under the dome
To Empire
To lucious
To akeem
To Barrack Obama
To Buhari
To iya IDOWU
To baba ogunsiji
To Jonathan
To patience
To ajimobi
To FIFA 14
To FIF15
To PES16
To God Of War
To Call Of Duty
To Assassins Creed
To Splinter Cell
To Mortal Kombat
To Need For Speed
To Gabriel iglesias
To john cena
To Ronaldo
To avicii
To tiesto
To steve aoki
To max vengali
To martin garix
To aly and fila
To messi(lost his touch
To neymar (needs a new hair cut)
To Asamoah Gyan (goodbye)
To Agogo (how is the gym business? )
To Suarez(hope ur teeth still sharp)
To Olele (sure u’r still 27)
To Muntari (Keep slapping the Gh Fa)
To KPB (hope you’re still a footballer)
To all the “CH’s”
To Petr Cech
To Mikel
To Kerian Gibbs
To Rooney
To Martail
To Koscieny
To Mertesacker
To Bellerin (World best Right Back)
To Coquelin
To Cazorla
To Chamberlain
To Ozil ( Assist Lord)
To Sanchez
To Walcott (finest)
To Giroud
To Rosicky
To Arsene Wenger
To Manchester City
To borussia dortmund
To Borussia munchengladbach
To Juventus
To inter
To AC milan
To candy crush
To atletico
To chicago fire
To chivas usa
To lakers
To bulls
To spurs
To raiders
To cardinals
To george bush
To obama
To Fidel Castro
To hitler
To Osama bin laden
To nosterdamus
To leonardo da vincii
To Memphistopheles
To Galileo
To the extraterrestrials
To Tony Montana
To Law and Order
To the special victims unit
To prison break
To Under The Dome
To Davinci Demons
To The Last Ship
To Power
To Fast & Furious Crew
To the blacklist crew
To fish
To lincoln
To the twin towers
To florida
To california
To Las vegas
To the hippies
To the Hipster in New york
To the emos
To the rockers
To the skaters
The homeless
The druggies
To cocain
To dope
To hermione granger
To ron
To genie
To professor lupin
To sirius black
To He who must not be named(voldemort)
To neville
To hedwig
To severus snape(turn to oage 394)
To albus dumbledore
To Fred
To percy
To the horocruxes
To the deathly hollows
To the basilisk
To the big bang theory
To peppa pig
To george
To the dinosaaa
To papa pig
To momy pig
To pheneas and ferb
To scooby doo
To Clearence who saved the day
To Dora the explorer
To I Carly
To johny Bravo
To Gibby
To Starbuck
To Mc Donalds
To Burger King
To no reservation
To parts unknown
TO ANTHONY BOURDAIN. (Who i think is in Beirut)
To JEREMY WADE ( such an awesome program)
To man vs wild
To naked and afraid
To the monkey boy from Uganda
To the dog girl from Ukrain
To the chicken girl of Fiji
To ancient aliens( I can’t remember the guy’s name lol)
To call of the wild man
To gas monkey
To kyle from South park
To the koala from american dad (i cant remember the name)
To Peter Griffin
To louis Griffin
To steve Griffin
To meg ryan
To alien sam
To daintee
To miss beckline
To noble king
To sir drizzle
To Ay
To cv ramani
To onye
To zino
To Maryam
To Aisha
To Amaka
To chineye
To Toryo
To dami
To john toyosi
To v.c
To Cleveland
To Adult swim
To boomerang
To goku
To goku phase 2
To goku phase 3
To goku phase 4
To gohan
To trunks
To piccoro
To goten
To bryan
To chichi
To sheinlong
To vegeta
To android 16
To android 17
To android 18
To drake&josh
To spongebob
To sponge bob episode “have u seen this Snail”
To sponge bob episode “club spongebob”
To the sponge bob episode “Pizza Deliver” ( one of my favorite)
To patrick
To squidward
To sandy cheeks
To mrs puff
To gary
To MR crabs
To pearl
To okankton
To the crusty crab
To the chum bucket
To MR bubbles
To larry
To kevin
To monroe
To neptune
To the crabby patties
To the flying Dutchmen
To Naruto
To Sasuke
To Kakashi
To one piece
To luffy
To the avatar ANG
To avatar kioshi
To avatar roku
To soka
To Katara
To Momo
To apa( the flying bison)
The the fire nation
To prince zuko
To the water nation
To the air benders
To BATO of the water tribe
To police man & woman(1gh bribe)
To hulk
To batman
To spider man
To captain america
To ironman
To the load of shit I dropped yesterday
To Harry Potter part 1
To Harry Potter part 2
To Harry Potter part 3
To Harry Potter part 4
To Harry Potter part 5
To Harry Potter part 6
To Harry Potter part 7
To harry potter part 8( oh shit there’s no part 8 whatever)
To facebook
To whatsapp
To 2go
To mark Zuckerberg
To steve jobs
To Uncle Mugabe
To the iphones
To the androids
To the germans
To the chinese
To the brazilians
To the mexicans
To the Americans
To the harley road king
To the hayabusa (the fastest bike in the world)
To google
To wrangler
To bing
To E-Bay
To Twitter
To my space
To snapchat
To Candy soda
To Subwaysurfer
To Safari
To Mobogenie
To the Play Store
Infact to your dp
To the funny names
To the emmh, emmh emmmh
To Kenya
To Nigeria
To Sierra Leone
To Lesotho
To bella kute
To the maame water who took Castro
To the ‘tu gu me so’ guy
To Tweaa DCE we need another funny clip
To Asiedu Nketia
To Nana Akuffo Addo
To William Beached
To Wilhelm Nietzche
To Wole Soyinka
To Chinua Achebe
To Amos Tutuola
To Christopher Okigbo
To Le Non Gustavo
To Sun Tzu
To Robert Greener
To Niccolo Machiaveli
To Voltaire
To Mark Twain
To D.O Fagunwa
To Adebayo Faleti
To Chimamanda Adichie
To Olá Rotimi
To Cyprian Ekwensi
To Hubert Ogunde
To Camaraderie Late
To Ferdinand Oyono
To J.P Clark
To Baba Obasanjo
To Chief Awolowo
To Sir Bellows
To sir Balewa
To sir Azikiwe
To chief Akintola
To Thomas Sankara
To Nelson Mandela
To Nyere
To Nkrumah
To Steven Bantu Biko
To Leopold Senghor
To Lumumba
To all NCNC, NPP, NPC, NADECO, AG, NNDP, NEPU affiliates,
To all the generals that took power
To all civilians who looted us
To the new Ooni
To the emirs of Lank
The Obaro Of Kabba
To the Ataoja of Oshogbo
Oba of Benin
Oba of Lagos
Osemawe of Ondó
Alaafin of Oyo
Zaaki of Arigidi
Alaketu of Ketu
Onisabe of Isabe
Onipopo of Popo
Asin of Oka
Owa of Ikare
Deji of Akure
Olowo of Owo
Obi of Onitsha
Ajero of Ijero
To Owarangun Aga
To Olófin Àdìmúlà himself
To Onire of Ire
To Olukoso of Kosovo
Emir of Ilorin
To Jonathan, Mama Peace and her fellow widows

And Finally to Buhari and to you too Thank you
If u complain….i’ll snd it again..


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