It was a lovely Saturday afternoon, hot tho and I was really excited. I and my mom were going to visit my aunt who lived on the island. We drove into their large compound and I hastily came down from the car as she switched off the engine. My aunt welcomed us with smiles, I was really excited to see her after a long while and just for you to know, and she was my favorite aunt. She always buys me lot of gifts whenever she visited our house.
After welcoming us and settling us down, I began perceiving the strong aroma of jollof rice coming from the kitchen area of the beautiful flat. My excitement increased extremely at this new discovery because I knew she could only be preparing it for I and my mom but just then I remembered something that reduced my excitement. I remembered that my mom has warned me severely never to eat food offered to me outside, including family members although she never gave a good reason for this instruction but the few times I had broken the rules, I was punished but I really love jollof rice, in fact it is my favorite food and I wasn’t ready to loose this opportunity as the strong aroma I was perceiving explained that the food was going to be really delicious. So I quickly thought hard and composed myself.
‘Timmy, what would you like to eat because am preparing jollof rice already?’ My aunt asked me after a brief conversation with my mom which was of no interest to me. ‘Eat? My mother has told me never to eat food offered to me outside our home’ I said smartly with a funny smile.
‘What! Sister mi, is that true?’ she asked my mother who was looking really embarrassed at my response to her sister’s offer.
‘oh no, its not like that o, you can eat here, this is also your home you know, you can eat as you like here’ she said but I knew she was trying to hide her anger, I confirmed this when I stole a look at her face and I found her staring at me with that kind of ‘I leave you till we get back home for now.’ But I didn’t mind that, I was only interested in devouring the jollof rice being prepared.
As if accepting the offer despite my mother’s law which I knew I just breached I accepted to take 5alive to it and I when I stole a look at my mother’s face she had her finger in her mouth but still I didn’t mind her.


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The jollof rice was indeed as I predicted, it was extremely sumptuous and I consumed every grain with the fried chicken that was used to top it. I drank two glasses of the 5alive fruit juice.
We ate and drank then we returned to the living room area where they continued their conversation and my aunt tuned the television to cartoon network where I watched cartoons till I heard my mother’s voice calling me that it was time to go home. Now this is where the fear began to sip into my mind as I began to think what my mother had in store for me. In previous times, it was just to kneel down for minutes and then I was pardoned but I hated kneeling down and I wasn’t prepared but something kept telling me that I was going to get a lot more than just to kneel down. We got home and the first thing I expected my mother to say was that I should go on my kneels and then she tells me why I was to do that but she said I should take her bag to her room which I did and then she called me to go and take a shower. I was happy when I heard this and quickly went to the bath to have a cool shower since the weather was extremely hot on that day.
I decided to wear only shorts and have a nap but as I was about to doze of f, I received a sharp hard slap on my bare back. You know that kind of hard back slap called “ABARA” that is typical of Yoruba women, those slaps makes you open your mouth to the widest without words coming out. Just as I was composing myself from the pain she gave me another hot one on my face, this one is called “IGBATI” believe me I went into 3D at once. The pain was so extreme I couldn’t even hear the words she was saying for a moment. I rolled on the bed recklessly; it was as if a hot iron plate was pressed on my back. Am telling you, that day when my father called me I didn’t know it was my name that was being called. I look so humble but to be truthful. The pain was worth it knowing I got the jollof rice




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