“Oh my God, humans are dam wicked” Nonso exclaimed as Lekan narrated all that transpired between him and Nonso.

Lekan took his time to narrate how poverty jailed him after graduation due to no job and during this period he got Bola pregnant but due to negative advises from the same Lola who was actually into promiscuity and had introduced her to chief Olapoju who was at that time frantically searching for a child who would be his successor. So Lola and Bola plotted to give Chief Olapoju Lekan’s son who chief named Korede. Lekan tired to fight for his son by occasionally going to Bola to request for his son but on one occasion he was picked up by police officers who beat him up and deposited him in cell without allowing him to exercise his right to call a lawyer or any member of his family. He was there for months and was then released it was then he decided to suspend getting his son for the main time and focus on getting wealthier so as to come of ability to fight for his son.

“Jesus! That woman is so heartless” Nonso said with pity “you gave another man’s son to a man and yet you want him dead because he doesn’t want to accept defeat, Chai there is God oo” he added.

Just as he finished his statement, his phone rang, he dipped his hand into his pocket and brought it out, Madame Lola was the caller. He exposed an angry face at the name of the caller and left call to end it.

“And who was that?” Lekan asked

“It’s Madame Lola”

“Oh really?”


“Then pick it. Pick it and tell them you done with the job” Lekan suggested quickly.
Not too long after, Nonso’s phone rang again and it was Madame Lola that was the caller again.

“Ah, mama the mama” Nonso hailed Lola over the phone

“How far? Have you done it?” Lola asked anxiously

“Sure mama, you should trust me, he is currently at heavens gate, well that is if he actually is on his way there as he looks like someone going to hell” Nonso said and laughed out devilishly.

“Good, that’s brilliant. I will send you the balance of your money after this call through mobile banking” Lola said in excitement.

“Sure mama”

“Sure guy, you have made me exceedingly happy today and am sure my darling friend would be relived once she hears this good news”

“Yeah, tell her to feel relaxed now because everything is now settled, Nonso has solved the problem. I will be expecting to receive an alert on the payment very soon.”

“Yes, I will do that now”
“Weytin she talk?” Lekan asked
“She has foolishly fallen for it man, she is going to send me my money through bank transfer” Nonso explained

“Yeah, that’s good but man, I would need you to help me do something as it seems my plans would have to change since I have seen their next move and it would be more dangerous if I also don’t act fast” Lekan said

“Lekan, you baffle me, are you begging me for help? You should know I would always do anything to help you in anyway I can.” Nonso confessed

“Thank you very much man, you are God sent” Lekan said appreciating him “But right now am clueless of the next step to take, I never knew she still hangs around with that devil”

“Devil? You mean Lola?”

“Yes, that bloody devil” Lekan explained

“Oh, forget her, she is just a piece to deal with”

“Let me order some drinks for you and your fellows” Lekan said as he move to the telephone, the faces of Edet and Dagger lit up with smiles as they were already feeling uncomfortable with the long conversation between their boss and their target.

“Hello, is this the reception please?”
“Yes sir, how may I help you?” came the voice from the other end
“Yeah, I would need 4 cold bottles of beer right now in room 406 right now”
“OK sir”
“Thank you.” Lekan said as he ended the call.
As Lola ended her call with Nonso, she quickly drove to Bola’s place to tell her the good news.

“Yea, my friend, it is now all over” she said as she entered the large living room celebrating only to meet her friend sifted on the chair, looking moody.

“What happened?” Lola asked and got no reply as Bola could utter a speech. “What’s wrong with you now?” she asked
“What’s the latest?” Bola finally asked in reply

“Mtcheeeeew” Lola hissed “anyway I have great news for you, I called Nonso few minutes ago to confirm the latest and you won’t believe what that guy told me?”

“What?” Bola asked in anxiety.

“They had finished him off” Lola announced and smiled devilishly.

“Ha, trouble” Bola wailed

“Ah! Trouble? How?” Lola asked in astonishment

“Do we have to kill him?” Bola asked looking nearly in tears.

“Does he have to discomfort you?” Lola replied her sharply

“Ha, I think we did the wrong thing o”

“Well for your information, I don’t think, I know we did the right thing” Lola snapped back


“The saying says ‘a child that doesn’t want his mother to sleep won’t sleep either’ and so, as a smart mother that also needs her sleep, we have used our brains and put the baby to sleep peacefully”

“What if his spirit comes to hunt us?” Bola asked again

“Spirit? Does that one have spirit? Please forget all that nonsense” Lola said still trying to cheer up her friend who was still feeling uncomfortable with the situation at hand.

Lola continued to pester her to cheer up and celebrate the downfall of their opposition but she her conscience continued to hit her hard from the inside.

Chief Olapoju returned from his one week trip to Abuja, by now Lola has being successful in helping her forget what evil plot she had just accomplished. Chief didn’t bother to ask about what caused her so much thinking before he left, he just continued with life.

“Bola” Chief called her one night while they where in their bedrooms

“Yes chief”

“Can you kill me?” The question struck Bola like a thunder strike, she was shocked.
To be continued
As written by Dahmie (@dahmie_blog).



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