Nonso has always being a notorious man due to the negative influence he got from his background; he grew up in the slums and in a bid to survive after graduating out of primary school after which his parents couldn’t afford to help him to furthermore. He started as a pocket picker, he gradually turned out to be a full time armed robber, he also killed for people who were able to foot his bill, Lola was one of such people and immediately Lola and Bola left him at the uncompleted building where they met, he started full preparations on how to carry out the job. He took along with him, Edet and Dagger, whom he trusted most amongst his crew. They dressed themselves as business men, wearing suits and tie. Hardly could anyone mistake them as harden criminals or assassins as they looked harmless and like top class businessmen.

Nonso, Edet and Dagger were at the door of room 406 of Banky’s Hotel at some minutes past 4:00pm. Edet knocked the door softly.

“Who’s it?” Lekan requested from the inside

“Room service sir” Edet replied with his soft tone. One of the reasons Nonso picked him for the job so as not to allow their bait get suspicious.

“Alright, come in the door is opened” Lekan responded after a brief silence.

Edet entered first followed by Nonso while Dagger stood in front of the door to attack anyone that may try to disturb their reason for coming.

Immediately they entered, Edet pounced on Lekan like a hungry lion and began to deliver heavy blows to his face but he was not so strong as Lekan quickly over powered him, he rolled him away and they began to wrestle hard with each other.

“Hey, mister man, it’s useless” Nonso quietly said positioning his gun right behind Lekan’s head

Lekan, breathing heavily calmly stood up from Edet who was under him receiving his blows when he heard the voice to which he retreated as he could feel the gun placed behind him but his back was still turned to Nonso.

“Face me!” Nonso commanded and Lekan obeyed but surprised filled his face immediately he did so.

“Whaaaat?” Nonso and Lekan simultaneously spoke as they both faced each other.

“Leke Leke?”
“Leke Leke?”

They both called each others names in astonishment.

“What are you doing here?” Lekan asked first

“No, what are you doing here?” Nonso asked in reply

“Answer my question joor”

“I was sent to one Lekan Thompson here, one of my customers sent me a message to deliver to him” Nonso explained.

“Hmmm, guy which kind message is that?” Lekan asked again, by now each of them is more relaxed and moved freely, you haven’t hands-off this your dirty means of livelihood? Lekan asked.

Edet just stood gazing in full astonishment at the sudden turn around of events. “Dem know their selves before?” He quietly said within himself as he opened the door to notify Dagger of the recent turn around of event.

“No vex, but what are you also doing here too?” Nonso asked again.

“Well, am here to meet with someone also” Lekan said

“Or am I in a wrong room?” Nonso said in astonishment

“I specially booked this room for a purpose and I don’t think there should be any error but why are you looking for Lekan Thompson?”

“Are you Lekan Thompson?”


“Wow” said Nonso in surprise. He whistled and dropped himself on to the bed.

“So you have forgotten my names?” Lekan teased and sat on the bed also.
“Do you know anyone by the name Lola?”
“Well I know many people and of course I know many Lola’s, so it depends on who you talking about and let me guess, she is your client on this job, right?” Lekan enquired
“Yes she is” Nonso replied
“Well give me her description maybe she would fit into one of the many Lola’s I know”

“She is dark complexioned and very tall, she is the wife of one of the ministers of the country” Nonso said trying to describe Lola’s physiques.

“Oh oh oh, I know her now but is she the real owner of this job or she is doing it for someone?” Lekan asked in confusion as he was trying to place things out in the right order.

“Yes she did, she did bring someone along with her but I don’t know anything about her, she said you are threatening her life and you have even made an attempt to take her life.” Nonso explained

Lekan laughed hysterically and said “So this is their next step? ahahah”

“Who are you talking about?”

“The lady that Lola brought to you is Bola” Lekan said after ending his laughter
“Who is Bola?” Nonso asked confusingly

“Good question!” Lekan said.
To be continued300-shadows

As written by Dahmie (@Dahmie_blog)
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  1. Chipecz says:

    Wow. . . . . . Full suspense . . . . Loving it


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