The following day, she and Lola visited a gang of hoodlums in an uncompleted building located in a dirty environment. Bola’s heart skipped a beat at the sight of them, they looked very dangerous, fearless, and tall with huge bodies and their physiques are enough to scare the living daylight out of anyone.

“Ah, mama tuwale” they greeted Lola, raising their hands above their heads and stamping their feet on the ground severally.

“How una dey?” Lola returned the greeting

“Mama, we just dey oo” one of the hooligans replied her

“Where Nonso dey?”

“Mama, e dey inside”

“Ok make I go meet am inside then” she said and gestured to Bola to follow her.

Nonso was a professional in executing wicked jobs for people who were ready to pay his price and Lola was one of his loyal customers.

“Hey, mama” Nonso greeted Lola the same way the other boys did but more gently, he was tall, huge and owned a heavily built body.

“Nonso Nonso, how you doing” Lola smiled as she greeted Nonso. After introducing him to Bola who accompanied her, Bola was a bit surprised that his English accent was pure and clear unlike the ones they had met earlier. He offered them two old tattered leather covered seats to seat on.

“So, mama, what brings you here today?”

“Its this my friend that had a little problem of a man threatening to take her life, he has attempted but so far he has unsuccessful but we want him to kiss the dust before he becomes successful with his plan.” Lola narrated

“So who is the idiot, tell me and I would terminate him for you” Nonso asked

“Confirm, that’s exactly what we want and we want it done with immediate effect” Lola said praising him

“Alright, give me his details”

“Yeah, you would meet him at Banky’s hotel.” Lola explained

“Don’t you have a photograph of him to aid me?”

“We don’t actually but we can organize for you to meet him at banky’s hotel

“Banky’s hotel? OK no problem, that shouldn’t give me too much trouble”

“Yeah, sure guy. I will text you the full details containing the room number where you are to meet him” Lola said after hailing him

“OK mama, what’s going to be my reward?” Nonso asked

“How much do you want?”

“Give me a million naira”

“Mtcheeeeeeeew, is that all, I will give you tripple?”

“Mama the mama, I trust you die” Nonso hailed Lola in excitement to her offer and further more as she handed him five hundred thousand naira she said was just a tip.

“Don’t forget, his name is Lekan Thompson. Please don’t disappoint us” Lola pleaded.

“Disappoint? Can’t be me, I will perform more than your expectation.” He said as Lola and Bola stood up to leave.

All the while Lola and the guys were conversing, Bola was mute. She couldn’t utter a word rather she would just nod her head in agreement to whatever Lola asked her for confirmation at intervals. The place disgusts her and even the sight of those men wasn’t favorable to her. She swallowed her saliva many times. She took a very deep breath and an heavy sigh of relief immediately they left the building.

“Do you think that guy is good enough?” Bola finally spoke, asking Lola as they got to the vehicle

“Oh yes he is, he has done so many jobs for me” Lola said assuring her.

Bola’s conscience hasn’t totally assent to the plan of killing Lekan but what could she do; the advice came from her best of friends who has always advised her ever since they met back in school. She was the one who advised her to Leave Lekan for chief so as not to die in abject poverty when Lekan couldn’t offer her luxury that other women married to wealthy men enjoyed. She also advised her to give Korede to chief as his son so that chief would love her the more as chief has frantically being in search of a child for a very long time even after marriage to 11 different women.

Immediately Bola arrived at her house she dialed Lekan as she and Lola had planned earlier and then told him to meet her at Banky’s hotel, she specifically told him to wait in room 406 where they had met the previous day. She told him she had finally agreed to give him back his son but there are still some things to be resolved before she would hand him over, Lekan agreed and the time was set. After ending the call she dialed Lola to inform her who later forwarded the information to Nonso.




To be continued……


As written by Dahmie (@dahmie_blog).



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