As soon as she got home, she called Lola and narrated the outcome of her meeting with Lekan to her.


“Enh, is he mad ni?” Lola shouted over the phone after hearing the outcome


“What are we going to do now”

“I don’t know ooo, am as confused as you her, you know what, let me call you back” Lola said and hanged up.



At around 6:12pm Bola’s phone rang, she looked at it and her heart lightened as she saw who the caller was, it was Lola,


“Hello ore”

“Hello Bola, how far?”

“Am just here o”

“OK, what of chief?”

“Chief? He has traveled to Abuja this time again” Bola said

“Alright, I will come over in a short while”

“Alright but don’t be long o”

“No problem” Lola confirmed and hunged up.


In a short while, Lola drove into Chief Olapoju’s compound, she was a stout but shapy young woman, she dressed expensively, always fund of flaunting her husband riches.


“Welcome” Bola greeted Lola as she walked in.


“Thanks” Lola said as she sat down


“So, have you come up with anything?” She asked curiously


“Nothing, my mind is totally out of control”


“But when did this idiot get out of jail?”


“I don’t know, I was surprised to see him, in fact shocked to see him here yesterday” Bola confessed


“Ah, what can we do now, chief must not here about this o if not you are done for”


“Am not even scared of chief’s reaction but how will korede take the news”


“Korede ke? Are you planning on telling him?” Lola asked in surprise


“Do I have a choice? You know he and chief are never friends, he hardly stays home whenever chief is around and he has even wished he had another father apart from chief right in my presence”


“….ah, I don’t pity you, so that is why you want to confess to him?”


“What else do you want me to do then?” Bola asked


“Something came into my mind right now” Lola said

“What is that” Bola curiously asked sitting up right and moving closely to Lola


“Can’t we just hire some boys to clear him off?” Lola quietly suggested


“Ah! You mean to kill him? Ah, that is too much o, what if we are caught?”


“Did I say we were going to do it ourselves? I know some pro-boys that are into this, we could just hire then, off course money is not our problem, we would just pay them off and everyone continues to live their normal lives while Lekan goes to heaven to look for a son there” Lola furthered explained.


The idea didn’t convince Bola that much, she wasn’t sure if that would solve the issue on ground but it was the only available solution for the main time so she adhere to her bosom friend’s advice.



To be continued……..





As written by Dahmie (@dahmie_blog)


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