A lecturer walked into a lecture room and announced there would be an emergency test; and went straight to the board to write the instructions as:

1 Time is 15 minutes
2. no copying
3. No cancelliation of answers
4. you can open your textbook or notebook
5. Once it is 15 minutes, raise your pen and walk out of your desk.

He then told the students to get set and he began to dictate the questions one after the other:

Question Number One;
List your favourite foods:
Immediately students began to list.
Guys were writing; pounded yam, fufu, egusi and eba,
While the posh girls went ahead to list; pizza, hot dog, shawarma, jambalaya, spaghetti and bolongnese.

The lecturer then announced the number two question: Explain how to prepare/cook your favourite foods that you have listed above?

OMG!!! You need to see how girls started cancelling their previous answers and changing it to garri soaking, porridge, tea etc.


Yawa for the girls…..

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  1. Davido says:

    girls enh…. lol


  2. mikey says:



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