Personally, I mean personally I love Ibo people.

Although they have what freaks me but their high business sense makes me love them more. Yeah I know, ‘I too like money’ but hey who doesn’t.

A father enrolled his son into a private school in lagos and the boy was to sit for the entrance examination. He didn’t perform excellently In the written test so an oral test was organised for him to which he failed all the questions.
The school decided to demote him to Basic 1. His father hearing this got furious and marched angrilly to the school the following day.

Father: Teacher, how can you say you would put my son in Basic 1?
Teacher: Sir, you son doesn’t know anything, not even 2+2

Father: (facing the son) Okon, if you have 20naira and I give you 50naira, how much be that?
Okon: 70naira papa
Father: good, what of if I say you should share 100naira equally amongst five people, how much each person go get?
Okon: 20naira papa
Father: verry good, You get 600naira, and you buy one crate of egg for 350naira, how much is your balance?
Okon: 250naira pap
Father: (faces the teacher who is looking surprised) you see mr teacher, anytime you want to ask him any question just add naira to it, da’lu

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  1. Chipecz says:

    hilarious….. u wan to kill us enh.???


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