Hi everyone who is a somebody.

I was so jobless and out of ideas on what to write yesterday but today I’m going to share what happened at the hospital i visited yesterday.

Have heard of Aro mental hospital like a million times but have never ever planned to visit there but I was ther yesterday when a friend asked me to follow him to visit an uncle who was admitted there and I exictedly followed.

When we got there, It was very large with lot of people moving around, first thought that came to my mind was ”menh, we do have a lot of mad people in this country” (abeg na joke oooo but we do sha.)

We were asked to wait for some hours before we are allowed to see his uncle so we decided to wait outside. We sat on a bench close to a man neatly dressed and sitting peacefully quiet. Sincerely, I had no thought that he could be on the mental list but we sat there sha.

After a few minutes, he stood up and started heading towards an orange tree, he climbed and sat there and this didn’t get my attention until everyone heard a loud thud of a body crashing into the ground and this caused all attention to be drawn towards him.

My friend ran towards him to help him.

The guy is really fearless ooo

He ran towards him to help him and asked ”Sir, why did you fall like that?’

the man replied saying ”I DON RIPE” (I am ripe)

I just couldn’t lauh enough there so they won’t pick me as one of the patients.

I just shared with you. why not help share it with others.

your comments and likes are really appreciated….

I love you noni.


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  1. Davido says:

    Like it…. thumbs up


    1. Dahmie says:

      thanks very much.. appreciated


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