Ok. This really happened this past sunday.
There was a curfew in my area and everyone was expected to remain indoors all through the day, no one was even allowed to attend sunday church service but my dstv subscription just expired the previous day and i was short of cash at bank that I couldn’t renew it online and me and my brother really wanted to watch the Arsenal vs Chelsea match that we eventually went out with the beleif that nothing would happen.
With a strong heart we walked past the lonely streets and at last we came to a viewing centre where we got to watch the match. Few other people were there and we were happy we could get to watch the great match which at the end of the day disappointed us as it ended in a goalless draw.
We took back to the streets, this time with a more lighter heart. Just as we got to the third turning we ran into some soilders. It was a bad idea to run away as they were armed and looked like they would not hesitate to shoot. So we quickly knealt down right in front of them and they required to know where we were coming from which we both told them and they laughed mocking us as none of them seemed to be a fan of either team.
Then we were told our punishment.
Each one of us would be flogged with their strong whip according to the jersey number we both wore. My brother wore ‘Ivanovic’s jersey no 2’ and he was flogged twice which was very strong.
I wore ‘Giroud’s jersey no 12’ and I was asked to lie flat on the dirty road.
As i was been flogged, absorbing the pain that came along with each stroke i began laughing mid way. This got the soilders puzzled and everyone just looked and thinking I was trying to pull a trick on them they asked me what was wrong with me. ‘Bross no vex, abeg look o’ (Brother dont be annoyed, please look) I said pointing towards an aboki who was approaching us putting on a vest on which was customized ‘BUHARI 4 2015’. I no fit laugh finish abeg……


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  1. Chipecz says:

    Hilarious…. 2015 would definately end it


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