The bus just drived and parked by the road side and the bus conductor shouted oshodi, oshodi, calling the attention of all willing passengers to enter into the bus. Everyone rushed in almost at the same time, shoving each other in order to get a seat in the long bus. I managed to get in finally and settled down. In no time the bus was filled and the driver pulled out to drive off.
The bus was over filled with passengers, some had to hang at the door just in order to get to their destinations and also to leave the hot burning heat of the sun.

I felt a strong vibration in my right pocket and instantly I tried to reached for my phone immediately, I brought it out at last defeating the tight space that tried to block me from reaching it at first. I checked it and it was bunmi that was calling just as I was about to pick it, the call ended.
Bunmi is one of the many girls I fool around with, claming am a rich guy capable of taking care of them, I began to wonder why she was calling me at this time, probably to check on me, are so called lover, just as i pondered more another call from bunmi came in and I picked it, hello dear came her voice from the other end and I switched immediately to a soft rich guy sort pf tone, ‘hey baby’ i replied we quickly exchanged greetings and next I heard was ‘where are you right now baby?’ ‘Uhmmm baby, right now am at Sheraton hotel for a board meeting with some of my business partners’.
Oh what a great liar I was, ‘ok, she replied. I will call you later’ she said but I noticed the unconvinced tone in her voice but before i could say anything else she hanged up the call. I just smiled not minding if she fell for the lie, I didn’t care.
Not long after the bus conductor squeezing his way pass through the very highly crowed bus got to my line as he was collecting his bus fare from the back to the front. I raised up a 200 naira note to him but he refused to collect it. ‘That aunty don pay your money’ he said, ‘which aunty?’ I asked briskly. He pointed to the fourth seat behind me and to my uttermost surprise, it was bunmi.
I looked agast as she stared at me with a face telling it a that she has caught up with me today. Chai, I just sank back into my seat……….


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