CROSSROADS —> Episode 6


I ran.
I ran as fast as my legs could carry, I ran through the dark streets with no destination in mind. The whole family were dead including the gate man, he was stabbed brutally, everyone was in a pool of his/her own blood including the twins. My mind scrambled again, my soul wasn’t at peace anymore i just ran out screaming, no one came out to help out, my body began to become stiff, I felt i had have enough of life’s harsh treatment towards me and anyone around me, I hit my head on the wall but i only felt harder pain, hot tears continued streaming out of my eyes, I wasn’t at peace, I had a feeling to run away before anyone comes around, I quickly took to my heels into the dark silent street with no destination. As I turned around the next corner I ran into a man in dressed in white garment, I was about falling down when he grabbed me back.
I opened my eyes next to find myself in a church, a man noticed that I was woken and quickly alarmed others, I was afraid at first but when they are came celebrating around me and praising God in yoruba language more made me calm down. I had fainted almost immediately as he grabbed me. He narrated, I hastily asked him what he was doing at that place where i met him and he replied that ‘the holy spirit led him there to wait there and pray, although it was odd but he had to obey the authority and when he saw me he then knew the reason why i was there’.
The pastor went on 3 days fasting as he said he got a message from the Lord to do so, I waited and got to know of others who were members in the church, then he came back.
‘Sir Hope’ the pastor began as he sat me down to explain what was revealed to him while he was on the mountain. ‘The Lord showed ne lots of things about your background’ he continued ‘you and your family are under a great curse’ i was shocked when he said this, memory flashed back to all my family members thinking of who might be the source, every of my family including extended family members were all paupers, none of us was able to afford 3 square meals, ‘one of your ancestors angered a woman who served a very evil God,’ the pastor continued, ‘she reported to her god and that has been what have been tormenting your life and that of your family’ the pastor concluded by now I was already in tears.
‘This isn’t the time for tears, but rather the time of action’ the pastor advised me, ‘what do I do pastor? tell me?’

‘Are you ready to give your life to Christ who is the saviour of all?’ he asked almost instantly I replied positively with a nod then he prayed a prayer of salvation for then in full action he stood up and shouted the name of one of the urshers to call all the prayer warriors that were around, in no time they were all around. ‘We are going to pray now, for our sister here, every evil idol disturbing her life must be destroyed today, lets pray’ he said to all the others and i knelt down in their middle. They all prayed powerfully, they spoke mainly in yoruba which I didn’t understand that well but I kept saying amen and key my faith in Jesus who I believed has saved me, just about 20 mins into the praying session I got a sharp feeling of vomiting from the inner most part of my stomach, the pain was very sharp and in no time it grew up to my throat and next I knew i vomited blood and fell unconscious.

I woke up later in the day, the pastor sang a victory song for me telling me the Lord has removed me from the cursed one i use to be. ‘My dear sister, you are now free, free from bondage, free from every evil plan, oh Halleluyah to the Lord’ as he said this I tried to notice myself, I fealt a bit different, I have never had this kind of feeling before but the news the pastor told me now made me had mixed feelings, I was happy that Jesus, the son of God had save me but how would it have been better if my parents had also met Jesus earlier in their lives, I cried but the pastor consoled me not to cry after I explained what was on my mind to him, ‘don’t cry again, forget the past now, you are a new creature, born in Jesus Christ now, every old thing in your life has passed away’ the pastor explained abd I wiped of my tears then he helped me to stand up then pointed to the altar for me to go and pray a prayer of thanksgiving.
Finally my lost soul has been redeemed.
I didn’t have no place to go so I was allowed to stay in the church and I also decided to join the workers in the church. I must confess, everything is now better than before. I am so glad that Jesus saved me……


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