CROSSROADS —> Episode 5

He was driving at a fast rate when I suddenly ran across, his car hit me hard, he nearly ran over me if he hadn’t been quick enough to step on the break pad, he rushed down and checked me, everyone was still running helter skelter and no one even noticed him, he single handedly lifted me into his car and speedily drove to the hospital and there I was admitted, the date this happened was the 12th of june but I didn’t open my eyes till the 6th of august of the same year.
Mr Collins explained what had happened this way to make me understand how I got into my current state. Its now a week since I had reopened my eyes from my comma and I was feeling better, so much better that I could sit up easily. The nurses engage me in regular exercises to make my bones stronger. Mr Collins came along with his wife, she also explained and apologized for her husband’s actions, I had no choice than to succumb to my faith. When the doctor asked for the contact of any of my family members that they could use to inform them about my whereabout , I described my madam’s restaurant and house to them but when they went there, they came back with terrible news of how a terrorist gang had planted a bomb the market and it exploded in broad day light killing and many people there, so unfortunately for me, my madam was among. I cried unbearably as it seemed i had lost all hope.
‘Where do I start from?’ I explained to Mr and Mrs Collins as they tried to console me, ‘where do I go from here?’ I continued with uncontrollable hot tears pouring out of my eyes but at the end of the day, I had to let go as Mr & Mrs Collins, the doctor and nurses convincingly consoled me. I told them about all the events that had occurred in my life, I at first didn’t want to tell them about the incident at my aunt’s place but I thought I had to pour it out, if I wamted them to help me. Days and weeks zoomed by and I was ready for discharge, I could move my body very well, I was happy, I had totally become tired of taking drugs and injections and besides I felt like seeing something else outside the hospital walls.
Mr & Mrs Collins took me to their house, it was a very beautiful house, Mr Collins is apparently a very good business man while Mrs Collins works at the ministry, as I later found out, they had 2 young twins of around 8 years who were very smart. I was accepted into their home by everyone, Mr and Mrs Collins were my new parents now, they aceppted me with open arms.
‘Hope, pls go and bring out another pack of drinks from the store room upstairs and refrigerate it’ that was Mrs Collins ordering me on a regular friday night when we all watched television programs or movies together, I quickly dashed up the flight of stairs in obedience as it was an advert that was been shown, i didn’t want to miss the next scene, As I entered tge store room to bring out a pack of can drinks, I heard a three sharp sound coming from the living room, fear gripped me, as I heard the sounds of a gun been shot, I imagined what could have happened when I started hearing the loud pleading of Mr Collins, begging not to be killed, I quickly covered my mouth in shock, my mouths couldn’t close I began to imagine who the three shots must have been for, ‘oh no, it must have been for the rest of the family members’ I quickly thought, i squatted on the floor there and waited in silence then another shot was fired and it didn’t take too long before i heard the gate being opened in a rush, I began crying, I knew i was done for, what am i going to do now? I am doomed.


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  1. adesanya adedayo says:

    lovely…… i wait to know what she did next


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