CROSSROADS —> Episode 4

Things began looking better as days goes by, my madam paid me regularly and most times gives me tips for working harder eaxh day, I was happy now, she had asked me about my family, I told her everything that happened to me, she really felt sorry for me, the money she paid me wasn’t enough to rent a room but she suggested I come and start living with her. She was a widow, her husband had died in an auto accident few years back and since then she has been all alone surviving from her restaurant business, she also didn’t have any child, I really felt pity for her as the memories brought back tears to her eyes.
Living in her place was of great help, I was able to save enough from the the money she paid me, she was so generous to me, she provided shelter and food for me, she had taken me as a daughter, although the tips stopped but I didn’t complain as I knew what she provided was more than the tips joined together in a month, I opened a bank account and ruled myself to keep a minimum of 10% of what I got paid for monthly so.
It was a regular day again but something tragic happened this time, I was on my way to get some ingredients in one of the stalls in the market when I noticed a crowed beginning to gather in excitement that shows something was happening, I quickly joined the gathering and when I got there it was 2 touts that were fighting over money, they both had a well built body and were hefty, they both threatened each other, no one seemed ready to separate them as it looked liked the show was going to be very interesting, then all of a sudden one of them found a bottle and before his opposition could blink he broke it forcefully on his head, the other slumped as blood began to rush out of his head, at the sight of this everyone began racing away in different directions. This event brought back memory of my aunt’s husband, the other man turned round, looking at everyone running away, he seemed confused, then I saw an illusion of my aunt’s husband face on his, fear gripped me, immediately I took to my heels. I ran as fast as my legs could carry me, I didn’t stopped, I kept looking back continuously till I ran into the busy road.
‘Where am I?’ I whispered to myself, I could only see a ceiling fan hanging from the ceiling, I tried to lift my body but I felt a severe pain in my body, I turned my face and could see a window, a stool was also beside me, it tool up to a minute to recollect I was in an hospital just the door opened, a man in white overall came in alongside another man in shirt and trouser, he was explaining something to the man as they both entered, but I couldn’t grab well. As they turned and found me with my eyes opened, a very happy smile lit up their faces, it was as if they had been expecting me to do that a long while ago. ‘How you feeling madam?’ asked the doctor, I just looked at him, ‘what am I doing here?’ I questioned back managing to open my mouth, the other man stood behind the doctor, rubbing his palms together and saying silent words of gratitude to God. The doctor examined somethings and the smile didn’t wipe off still as he did so. ‘How’s she?’ the man who accompanied him asked, ‘oh, she is getting better according to my readings’ he replied him. Aftet a few more checks they both left with the doctor announcing that he would be back in a short while to check on me. They both left but when the doctor returned the other man didn’t come along with him till the next day. The doctor explained to me all that he knew from the report given.


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