CROSSROADS –> Episode 3

‘Hey madam, madam’ the voice of the conductor and his tapping woke me up, ‘oya, come down oo, we don reach last busstop’ he said. I dragged myself out of the bus, I looked around and I couldn’t recognize any person or figure out were i was, the night was already here, the market traders were clearing their wares into their respective stores, I began to feel hunger, I brought a sausage roll and drank a bottle of water, I began to worry now of where to sleep, I figured the market had a gate and night watchmen to secure the place so I figured it would b a bad idea to sleep in their for the reason of not being called a thief, I walk a bit and found a pedestrian bridge, I walked up, layed a wrapper and sat down, I looked around, there were about 2 more people there but I did not say or go to them. I prayed silently and cried, I prayed to my father and mother’s spirit to guide and provide for me, I didn’t realise when I drifted off to sleep.
That night I had a dream, I saw my father and mother, they encouraged me, they promised to be by me but they also added something, they said I shouldn’t call on them when in need but I should call on God always, they disappeared with a strong wind, the wind was so strong it woke me up then I realised the weather has changed, It was giving signs of a downpour any time so, I began to think of where to hide myself, I looked around for the other people I saw earlier but, they were gone, I decided to go under the bridge, it would provide shelter for sometime. I sat under the bridge while the rain fell and I drifted off again. By the time I woke up, it was dawn already, few people were already moving, probably going to their various places of work, I guessed they wanted to beat the traffic that may soon ensure.
I got up, quickly changed my clothes then I sat back and began to think, I thought of how to survive, how would I get money to feed myself?, how would I get a place to stay, then again I began to think of the previous day, what if I was reported to the police as wanted, won’t I be arrested if found, I began to cry as I pondered more, In no time, the day was clear, I began to walk about with the mindset of searching for a miner job so as to fetch my money, I had calculated the rest of my money and it could only last me 5 days more, that’s if I had to manage it to the minimal.
As I walked on, I entered into the market, I came across a signboard telling about available vancany in the restaurant, I quickly thought of this and decided to apply, I went in, there was a young yoruba woman there, she was cooking, ‘good morning ma’ I quickly greeted her, ‘yes, good morning she replied, what do you want to buy’, she added in a friendly toon, ‘no ma, I came in respect to the sign displayed outside, asking for a sales girl’ I replied her, trying to smile, she looked at me from up to down and asked about my name and age, ‘my name is Hope, I’m 19 years ma,’ in no time she accepted to employ me and explained all my duties to me, I was to wash the plates, clean the floor regularly, clear the tables after each customer finishes, I understood and then we talked about my pay, I told her that she should pay according to my hardwork but she refused and named her price, so I accepted, at least I would be receiving it daily, I started work immediately and finally I was at least able to free up a smile. I worked very hard trying to impress her, and I did impress her as she hailed me for hardwork and promised me that if I continued i would enjoy her also.



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  1. His Excellency Adesanya O.Adedayo(SAN) says:

    95% intresting.
    Where is episode 4&5.
    We are waiting.


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