CROSSROADS –> Episode 2

He looked at me with an evil eye, he kept coming closer and closer, ‘uncle, what happened’ I quickly asked in confusion, ‘what happened as how, that I came into my room?’ he replied, I was still looking, I knew he was up to something but what it is, I don’t know, ‘Hope, let me tell you a secret,’ ‘sir?’ ‘You are a beautiful angel, your beauty is so tempting’ as he said this he was already directly in front of me, I rested on d bedside drawer and just then he touched my cheeks in a seductive manner, I shook like a dry leaf in the winter wind, I now knew what he was up to. ‘This is not right, uncle’ I quickly told him, what is not right, my dear?’ he asked and brought himself to the same height as i was, I could smell his body fully, I grew irritated and sent a silent prayer in my heart to heaven. I tried slipping past him but he blocked the way with his big tommy, I was confused and wanted to scream when he said, ‘its of no use angel, i have locked the door with keys,’ he reached for his back pockets and brought out the keys to the bedroom door, I grew more afraid, he grabbed both my hands and then i screamed but he didn’t bother, he shook me and said, ‘why are you screaming now? its still of no use, there is no one to help you here, he placed his left hands on my neck and was gradually moving down to my chest. My hands began to search for something I could use as a weapon lucky I found a bottle of groundnut and almost immediately I closed my eyes out of fear and smashed it on his head, the bottle broke in to half, the other half broke into pieces and when I opened my eyes, his head had torn,his face was filled with shock, he began going down in pain and in a little while, he was down unconscious I even thought he was dead but I bent down, placed my ears on his heart and could still feel his pulse. I stood up with more fear, some his blood had spilled on me, I quickly organized myself, I knew if I was caught, I would be in more trouble cause I would be accused of attempting to kill my uncle, so I speedily changed my clothes, packed few of my clothes and all the money which I had been saving and also opened my aunt’s wardrobe, searched it roughly and I was lucky to find some money and began to move, I put on a regular face to cover my fears and guilt from appearing and off I went, with no destination in mind, all that was running through my mind was to leave the premises.



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