and Tony decided to go home so I could refresh myself.
We came back at about 4:00pm and she was discharged to us, she also was happy to see us, the doctor had narrated what happened to her. I got her to her house while Tony branched at the eatery to get some food.
‘Oh, thanks dear, you such a sweetheart’ she said talking to me with a broad smile on her face, ‘oh, its no problem, just thank God you alive’ I quickly replied. Not long after Tony came with the food and we all ate.
That week quickly passed and like in a twinkle of an eye we were in another Friday, I stepped into the class room early and as it happened as the previous friday Juliet was first to greet me, ‘how you, big boy?’ She said teasing me ‘you calling me big boy? please oo’, I said and she laughed, ‘uhumm James’ she spoke out of her laughter, ‘do you mind going out with me for dinner today?’ She requested and I became like dumb struck, I didn’t know what to say, I didn’t want a repeat of what happened at the previous, I wasn’t even prepared for it but I also did not want to break her heart as she seemed excited as she had this captivating smile so I couldn’t refuse her before I knew it we were at the same eatery sitting opposite.
We had a quite dinner at first nd after consuming all we requested for she broke the silence. ‘James, there is something I wanna tell you’ ‘ok, go on’ I replied sitting upright with both hands on the table. ‘First I want to apologize for what happened last week but I want you to know that I already have someone’ she said, I sat there dumb, I tried to wait if she would burst in laughter that she was joking but it didn’t come, I dropped my head in my hands and covered my face, I was disappointed in myself again. Seems like she’s got it planned out for me before. My heart was sober.
‘But can you do me a favour?’ I asked still looking down ‘whats that’ she replied. ‘Uhumm, can I know who he is?’ I thought i heard a giggle from her and so I quickly I raised my head up ‘Its you’ she said just as my head was fully up and found a laughing smile on her face.
‘Huh, what are you talking about?’ I quickly requested. ‘You see James, I also have feelings for you ever since, I had also always wanted to know if you had the same feelings for me and ….’ ‘Its okay’ I interrupted her I took her hands in mine there was a little silence in between ‘Juliet, I love you’, I spoke out and she replied quickly ‘I love you too’, A lovely smile lit up our faces and the happiest feeling came upon me.


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  1. Elizabeth says:

    The End!…Uuuh!!Thank GOD
    Just finished the reading now
    I Love the arrangement……

    Trust me…it’s a nice story…..Kudos
    I Love prt 8 specially


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