Crush —> PT7

‘Urgggh, where am I?’ Juliet finally spoke out the next day, ‘oh, Juliet, how you feeling now’ I asked with curiousity and bit of happiness ‘oh, James, what happened?, why am I here?’ she asked with urgency ‘humm, that’s not the question for now, you just get better and by tomorrow you’d be back home’ I quickly said to calm her down.
Lucky for us all the doctor has said she didn’t sustain any major injury just the shock that got her hospitalised and she would be there for the about 2 days for proper checks, she drifted back to sleep after few minutes.
The door opens and it was Tony and the doctor that came in, ‘hey bro, how you doing?’ Tony asked and I just showed a worrying face and stretched my hand out for a shake, ‘I don’t know how I can explain bro, it just happened all of a sudden and ……..’ I said while we talked, the doctor was busy checking her.
‘If she wakes up, she would be discharge today’ I was happy when the doctor said this, ‘I will prescribe some drugs that she would use for the main time and in no time she would be all round active’ He added and my joy added ‘thank you doctor’ said tony speaking for me. The doctor left the ward and Tony took responsibility of clearing the bill, after doing so I narrated all that happened and all we discussed before the incident to Tony.


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