Crush —-> PT 6

We got out of the eatery building and started walking down street. Our our street was just 3rd turning to it so it was preferred trekked but my mind was still set on knowing who the person was, at least to know who beat me to it.
We both walked slowy like real lovers in the dark street litted up by various lights from commercial buildings.
‘Hey, uhuum, could you please tell me who you dating?’ I said breaking the silence between us, she held my hand in a romantic way, looked at me and said, ‘why do you want to know him anyway? the question ran through my brain and I couldn’t find a suitable answer, all answers that came to me seem dumb ‘I don’t know, I just feel like knowing who got your heart before mine’ I replied her, expecting her to consider me and just give me the answer I needed but ‘NO’ she said, ‘try give me a better answer and I’d give you the answer you need’ she added and this statement sent a boil of anger through my veins, the waters in my body grew 100°c, I tried removing my hands from hers but no, shes got it locked in, ‘why you getting angry?’ she asked as we were approaching the first turning of the street, we were to cross the road and continue straight.
Just as we got to the middle of the break I was a bit in front, I didn’t know why but must have been my anger that put me in front, when out of no expectation a motorcycle rode past through our middle, he brushed past Juliet and next I knew she was unconscious on the ground, I tried catching up with the culprit but he sped away, I immediately took Juliet to a nearby hospital, a good Samaritan offered me a ride in his car after witnessing what happened.


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