Crush — pt 5

‘Are you kidding me?’ She asked with a little laughter, ‘so you mean to say that you don’t know am in a relationship?’ She said further, I looked in confusion and stupidity ‘how could I have know, not like you’ve talked about him to me before’ I replied her ‘and besides, who is he?’ I added.
‘Actually, he is a good friend of yours,’ she explained, ‘a friend of mine …?’ ‘Yes, he’s tall like you, smart like you, handsome and caring like you, he is just identical of you’ she futher explained.
Tony’s name came to my head first but no, Tony is far from identical to me and besides Tony is way shorter than me, not even close… or could it be …… oh shit, no names coming to my head, Tony is the only close friend i have off and on campus, ‘could you please just tell me who it is?’ I asked, my face showed a mixture of disappointment, curiosity, and anger.
She sat there staring at me, Looking like ‘seriously, you want to know?’ But she remained silent still with the same look for like minutes. She didn’t even move a millimeter and the smile was still on her face. At this, i was getting more angered and curious but I didn’t want to show it.
‘Come, I will tell you as we walk home’ she said so we could get. I personally was getting more impatient as my curiosity grew, she only smiled at me as she gestured that I should also let’s get going.


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