CRUSH —-> PT 4

Crush —> pt 4

We all had a long day in class as lecturers kept coming to lecture us and hardly did anyone of us go for lunch so we decided to make it dinner.
‘I shall not be around for the next three weeks, so read ahead for you to meet up with examination standards’ announced the last lecturer as he left. We were at least happy that he is the last for the day as we were unhappy we had to read on our own.
I closed my book and stood up from my seat, Juliet was still sitting in her seat gisting with some friends, I approached her ‘give me a minute James, lemme quickly pack up’ she said, she quickly figured it was time to go for our lunch turned dinner.
We got to a nice eatery, She sat at the table while I went to order for the food. I had asked her what she wanted before going to order and she said ‘anything you order is fine by me’. I got 2 plates of rice, salad and beef plus a pack of fruit juice to go with it. We ate in silence.
‘Uhumm, Juliet!’ I called her, breaking the silence in between us. ‘Yes’, ‘there’s something I wanna tell you,’ i said and she put on an intrested face placing the glass cup in hand on the table. ‘Ok, go on am hearing’ she said.
‘Have been noticing some few things about myself later and…’ I said timidly then paused placing a question look on my face, ‘things like what, James, hope you ain’t sick’ she asked jokingly, I laughed ‘oh, no not that, its just that I have been trying hard to tell you … what .. i . feel like .. telling you’ my sentence was broken but I finally spoke and for a second was a bit confused but i snapped out of it and i look more bold now, she smiled, my face lit up as I was sure she knew what i was trying to say.
Her smile suddenly wiped off and she bowed her head, I became confused again. ‘James, James, James, she called nodding her head simultaneously ‘I know what you want but am sorry there’s someone else’ I sank into my sit and a sad face emerged. I felt hot tears pouring through my heart. my heart broke into a billion tiny pieces. Then she laughed, I got confused ‘is she mocking me?’ I questioned myself within ‘look at you, so you didn’t know i had someone?” She asked, ‘no’, i replied ‘how am i suppose to know?’


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