CRUSH —-> PT 2

Crush —-> pt2

You such a coward” Tony said mocking me as i narrated what happened today, “you will never be able to get her if you continue with your cowardice” he said on, now more seriously, “You have to build up your confidence, from within you and besides I don’t know what you scared of, there’s no big deal in telling her”
“I don’t know if she would accept, I don’t also know if she has another guy” I spoke after a little silence. Tony sat up from the sofa and face me ‘you said she has never told you of any other guy in her life since both of you have been friends, so I personally don’t think there’s another guy there. So kick off it and go tell her’ he said trying to help me build my confidence, I smiled at him. I thanked God silently that I had an understanding friend like Tony. ‘I will be back shortly’, i a
I got to Juliet’s door around 7:21 pm, her house wasn’t too far from mine on the same street, we rented apartments outside the school as the school is yet to provide us with hostels. She opened and smiled at seeing me, ‘oh, James’ she said with a little tone of surprise. As close as we were in school I have never visited her at this time. ‘Hope no problem’ i was about to give a reply when suddenly my brain switched off (again). “I came to borrow your dictionary” I said out of nowhere, ‘huh’ she asked confused ‘James, you use an android phone, there is a dictionary app installed in it and besides you have a dictionary at home which i know off, so what are you asking for?’ I still stood there confused


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