Just as i walked past the mass communication department signboard, I sighted her from afar. She looked super gorgeous in her little black dress, red sandals and red beret, she had a captivating smile on her face which arrested my heart and my heart lept for joy at the sight of such damsel not minding the bondage it was sent into.
She seemed to be in a hurry as her footsteps were a bit quick than regular. Walk up to her’, something said within me.
As i looked on trying to build up enough confidence within myself finalizing the thoughts and the words to use. “I must tell her today” I said within my head. Still on the matter when a guy sprang up from no where and stopped her right where she was and they started talking. ‘O boy,You done f*ck up again’ that voice in my head said. “That guy must be doing what you should have done”. It said reaching to conclusion but I tried not to let it confuse me but then their body language interpreted the same.
At first they talked like total strangers but the guy must be saying funny things cause she giggled regularly as they talked, at last it happened, she brought out her phone and they surely did exchange pins/number this i was sure of because I know she doesn’t know her number off-hand, he typed it down on his phone simultaneously and they departed.
“Doesn’t she ever stop smiling” I thought within myself for a brisk second as she kept smiling still and it got more captivating as she came closer. ‘James’ Her soft voice kicked me out of my thoughts.
Oh! How u?
‘Am fine’ she replied quickly and confidently. “Come o, I heard there is a lecturer coming by 2 o’clock” she quickly added.
I checked my watch and we still had 13 mins more, I smiled
‘OK, lets get going’ I mumbled and we both walked in silence back to her department.
‘when and Will I be able to tell her my feelings’ Was the question that kept ringing in my head as we walked towards our lecture hall.


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