CRUSH —-> PT 3

Crush —-> pt 3

‘Am just kidding with you’ i finally said coming out of my confused mindset, and she smiled, ‘uhmmm, would you come in and join me for dinner?’ she said I quickly thought of it and refused. ‘Oh no, don’t worry, I just came to have a goodnight look at you ….. So goodnight’ i quickly spoke out, ‘oh thanks, how sweet of you’ she spoke ‘alright, I’d be taking my leave now’ I said as turned around to exit the house.
‘Can’t believe you again bro’ Tony spoke as I narrated again, he had expected a positive results with kind of momentum I left the house with ‘but well its not bad, at least a your good night check was ok’ Just as he was talking a message came into my phone, it was from Juliet, I read it and passed it to Tony, ‘Thanks for checking on me, so sweet of you. Goodnight’ was the content of the message.
‘You see, she appreciates you, not like my Bola who can’t even flash me except please call me back text, you are very lucky bro, just sell out your cowardice am whaaamp you got it’ Tony said, Bola is his girlfriend, although they get themselves annoyed regularly, their love for each other is inevitable.

‘Good morning James, thanks for last night’ Juliet greeted me as I took a seat beside her in class, ‘so sweet of you’ she added and planted a light kiss on my cheek. Whooooosh! My soul travelled through the seven glorious heavens and back. ‘Oh! Its nothing dear’ i said with a broad smile on my face. ‘Uhumm, do you mind going out for Lunch with me today’ i asked with a worried look hoping she doesn’t decline. ‘Sure, no problem,’ she said and i was glad she did.
I quickly messaged Tony about the recent development and he replied happy and commending my effort. I rechecked my pocket to make sure I had enough cash to handle the bill as i didn’t plan for it. I began thinking of a standard eatery where i could take her.


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