Where is the car!? I asked myself still puzzled, the waiter looked unpitying as he was more interested in the payment,
‘You would have to follow me to the manager’s office,’ he said disrupting my thinking as I tried to understand more of the situation i found myself in, I quickly understood that i have been duped by falling foolishly for something I thought would benefit me. ‘Ok, lets go’ I said finally as i wanted to behave gently.
We got to the manager’s office, a man probably in his mid 50’s was sitting behind the big office table, the office was neat and decorated with awards won by the company.
The waiter wasted no time in explaining what happened, after he had finished his lecture. “Young man, why haven’t you paid your bills,” the manager asked me “sir,….’ I began to narrate my story.
The manager laughed as he heard about my foolishness and hearing i only had #2000 naira on me.
You would have to pay up or you be arrested,” he explained, “please sir,’ i quickly beg, i don’t have that kind of amount on me,” even at the bank, i had not more than #14,000 (#=naira) i quickly beg. After much pleading the manager took pity on me and accepted i went to withdraw money from the atm, i quickly thanked him.
The waiter and I walked across the street to the bank opposite, I withdrew the money, i nearly forgot my pin out of the whole congestion of events that day, i handed the money to the waiter and he took it and left.
I heaved an heavy sigh of relief as he left with the whole of my savings, (one case solved), ‘now to get back home,’ i told myself in my thoughts, i walked to the nearest bus station to get a cab, and with the only #2000 i had on me, i paid for my transport home.
Arriving my house at around 11:00pm due to heavy traffic, I was lucky to find the gate opened, i walked in silently inorder not to disturb the neighbours, as i got into my room, i laid on the bed like a big log of wood, thinking how a day i thought would have been great turned out to be terrible, how i thought gain had found me but making terrible losses for something of no value, (chai, i nearly cried) deep in thoughts and then i dozed off………..


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