‘Richard,’ she began. ‘I’ve thought and thought about us and it is the twins who has helped me come to a decision. I’ll do anything for my children. I think in their best interest, my answer is yes, let’s start again.’
‘Are you sure? I mean after….’
‘I m sure, she sighed, looking at me straight in the eyes, ‘I’ve put a lot of thought into it. I loved yoy very much once and I went through hell when you left. I know I have made a lot of mistakes before too, but you don’t correct one wrong with another wrong. I am grateful to God for this second chance he’s given me, for my children to have a home with two parents.’
‘Jane, I want you to be quite sure,’ I asked seriously
‘I am,’ she replied, with tears in her eyes.
‘Thank you. I hope you won’t regret it,’ i said sincerely.
The boys were trilled when they were told. They both danced around the house telling everyone they were going to in their father’s house. I myself was glad at the situation of things.

(Adapted from The Second Chance by Nyengi Koin)


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