It was a day that made me think that what else does life has to offer. I woke up with a smile on my face despite not knowing the reason but i was happy (at least that am alive). It was all quite around the house, all my neigbours were at their various working places by this time of the day, it was 24 minutes past 12 as i check my clock. I wasn’t in a hurry to do anything, I took a good bath, checked my little fridge for a bite and i was ready for another day of hustling.

As i stood in front of the house waiting for a bike I checked myself out as i was proud to b looking good in my simple dressing of a shirt and jean, as i did this a grey toyota corolla pulled over in front of me, and out jumped a beautiful happy looking lady, Jeffrey, is that you? She said to me, before i could understand what she meant, she jumped on me and gave me tight hug, oh, its been long and u still looked the same, she said as she released me, oh yes, its same me, i quickly replied (of course i was just playing along) do you live around this area? She asked excitedly oh yes i do, i live just around the corner next street, the 3rd bungalow (i thought my face me i face you apartment would be embarrassing for who she took me for). Oh, you must be a rich guy now, she teased me. I kept playing along and she suggested we go to a restaurant so we could talk better.
She drove us to the island and before i knew it we were sitting at a table in one of the biggest hotels in the, still thinking to myself that am very lucky today then i quickly asked but in a teasing tone i asked hope am not paying for this? (I asked in a way that she should think i was joking and lucky me she did) oh no you don’t have to, i will do that, am just so happy to see you onve again after such a long time, she kept narrating about different events that happened backed then, i just listened on and wriggled my way out of some questions she asked as we ate on, (the food was delicious, just felt you should know).
After consuming all that is needed to be consumed on the dish and we both have glass of wine left each, we kept talking for about 30 minutes more, then she looked at her watch, oh my gosh! Its 3:53pm already, she exclaimed as i looked agast at her asking what was wrong, then she said we had to get going but please excuse me first, lemme get my atm card in the card, i didn’t come in with it” she smiled as she left. The smile looked beautiful and devilish.
After about 20 minutes, a young man holding a POS machine came and stood next to my table, i knew he had come to look ask for payment, the bill of #21,000 has been presented earlier, (my faced changed from yellow to green) i knew i was in trouble, 20 mins was more than enough for her (can’t belive i don’t even know her name still), i faced the man and asked for more patience as he was showing signs of impatience, “please sir, can you take me to whoever is going to pay the bills? He asked impatiently, i tried to bring up a possible excuse but to no avail. At last he excorted me to where the car was parked, as we approached the said location i began to look for the grey colored car but….


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